The Sun's endorsements in Tuesday's primaries

September 13, 1998


U.S. Senate: R-George W. Liebmann; D-Barbara A. Mikulski

U.S. House of Representatives:

1st District: D-Irving Pinder; R-uncontested

2nd: D-Ronald P. Bowers; R-uncontested

3rd: D-Benjamin L. Cardin, R-uncontested

4th: D-Albert R. Wynn; R-John W. Wrightson

5th: D-Steny H. Hoyer; R-uncontested

6th: uncontested

7th: D-Elijah E. Cummings; R-Antonio W. Campbell

8th: R-Constance A. Morella; D-Ralph G. Neas


Governor: D-Parris N. Glendening; R-Charles I. Ecker

Comptroller: R-Ardath M. Cade; D-William Donald Schaefer

Attorney General: uncontested


4th: Senate: R-Jerome J. Joyce; D-uncontested. House (4B): R-Donald B. Elliott; D-uncontested

5th: Senate: uncontested. House: R- W. David Blair, W. Benjamin Brown, Joseph M. Getty; D-uncontested

6th: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Michael H. Weir, Nancy Hubers, Adam E. Paul Sr.; R-Joseph A. DiCara, Francis A. Pommett III, Timothy P. Knepp

7th: Senate: D-Norman R. Stone Jr.; R-uncontested. House: D-John S. Arnick, Joseph Minnick, William C. Batton; R-Gary Adams, Jane Brooks, Christopher G. Crossont

8th: Senate: uncontested. House: D-J. Joseph Curran III, Katherine Ann Klausmeier, Taras Andrew Vizzi; R-William Downs, James F. Ports Jr., Alfred W. Redmer Jr.

9th: Senate: R-F. Vernon Boozer; D-uncontested. House (9A): R-Wade Kach, Martha Scanlan Klima; D-uncontested. House (9B): uncontested

10th: Senate: D-Delores G. Kelley; R-uncontested. House: D-Adrienne Jones, Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, Emmett C. Burns, R-uncontested

11th: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Michael J. Finifter, Robert Frank, Dan K. Morhaim; R-Christian Cavey, Mineko Nakazawa, Virginia G. Schuster

12th: Senate: uncontested. House: uncontested

13th: Senate: uncontested. House (13A): R-Michael Grasso, Hans K. Meeder; D-uncontested. House (13B): D-John A. Gianetti; R-uncontested

14th: Senate: uncontested. House (14B): R-Robert L. Flanagan, Robert H. Kittleman; D-uncontested

27th: Senate: D-Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.; R-uncontested. House (27B): uncontested

30th: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Michael E. Busch, Virginia P. Clagett, Richard D'Amato. R-Phillip Bissett, Anthony McConkey, Edward J. Turner

31st: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Joan Cadden, Carolyn M. Roeding, Mary Rosso; R-John R. Leopold, Kevin C. Reigrut, Victoria L. Schade

32nd: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Mary Ann Love, Theodore Sophocleus, Victor Sulin; R-uncontested

33rd: Senate: R-Robert R. Neall; D-uncontested. House: D-Gayle Powell, Marcia Richard, Sheila Schneider; R-David Boschert, Karen Cook, Janet Greenip

34th: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Joseph H. Brooks, Robin Walter, Mary-Dulany James; R-Charles R. Boutin, William G. Christoforo, Robert E. Shaffner

35th: Senate: R-J. Robert Hooper; D-uncontested. House (35A): R-Barry Glassman, Joanne S. Parrott; D-Michael G. Comeau, Lee D. McDaniel

40th: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Tony E. Fulton, Salima Siler-Marriott, Howard Pete Rawlings; R-uncontested

41st: Senate: D-Clarence W. Blount. House: D-Lisa A. Gladden, Wendell F. Phillips, Marshall Pittman; R-uncontested

42nd: Senate: D-Barbara A. Hoffman. House: uncontested

43rd: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Michael V. Dobson, Ann Marie Doory, Kenneth C. Montague Jr.; R-uncontested

44th: Senate: D-John D. Jefferies. House: D-Arlene B. Fisher, Verna Jones, Anthony W. McCarthy; R-uncontested

45th: Senate: D-Nathaniel J. McFadden. House: D-Talmadge Branch, Clarence Davis, Hattie N. Harrison; R-uncontested

46th: Senate: uncontested. House: D-Cornell N. Dypski, Peter A. Hammen, Carolyn Krysiak; R-uncontested

47th: Senate: D-uncontested; R-William Prohaska. House (47A): D-Brian K. McHale, Timothy D. Murphy; R-uncontested. House (47B): D-Thomas E. Dewberry; R-uncontested


Sheriff: D-John W. Anderson; R-uncontested; Clerk of Circuit Court: D-William Norris Burgee; R-uncontested; Register of Wills: Mary W. Conaway; R-uncontested; Orphans' Court Judge: uncontested


County Executive: uncontested

County Council: 1st: uncontested

2nd: R-Lisa P. Cohen; D-uncontested

3rd: uncontested

4th: R-Wayne M. Skinner; D-uncontested

5th: D-Vincent J. Gardina; R-uncontested

6th: R-Glen A. Thomas; D-uncontested

7th: D-Louis L. DePazzo; R-uncontested

Sheriff: D-Anne K. Strasdauskas; R-uncontested; State's Attorney: uncontested; Clerk of Circuit Court: D-Suzanne Mensh; uncontested; Register of Wills: D-Grace G. Connolly; R-William Withers Jr.; Orphans' Court Judge: D-Julie L. Ensor, David R. Glickman, Theresa A. Lawler; R-Paul H. Kozloski, Sandra L. O'Connell-Hughes, Bruce L. Robinson


County Executive: D-Diane R. Evans; R-uncontested

L County Council: 1st: D-Pamela Graboski Beidle; R-uncontested

2nd: D-Patrick Michael Smith; R-Gregory A. Harthausen Sr.

3rd: D-A. Shirley Murphy; R-Deborah Conklin

4th: uncontested

5th: D-Mary P. Marsh; R-Cathleen M. Vitale

6th: uncontested

7th: R-John J. Klocko III; D-uncontested

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