'Rabbit' puts on a show computer time

September 13, 1998

"Reader Rabbit's 1st Grade," produced by the Learning Company, is designed for ages 5 to 7. As the child moves through different skills, she collects the items she needs to produce a musical show. After all 12 activities have been completed, the child is able to view the stage and a grand finale performance.

The skills in the areas of math, science and language arts are primarily readiness level, but the games are challenging and motivating, and the program moves at a good pace. The benefits the program:

* Continuing story line that encourages the child to keep playing.

* Higher-level thinking activities, such as making predictions.

* Relatively easy to navigate.

L * Cute graphics and songs that can be played through the CD.

* Moderately priced.

The only drawback may be that, while this program contains a variety of skills, the amount of practice on each is rather brief. If a family were buying only one program for their 4- to 7-year-old, the Learning Company's "Reader Rabbit's Interactive Reading Journey for Grades K-1" provides more variety and skill development. But as an extra program to expand early learning skills, this one has interesting features and is fun to use.

- Susan Rapp, Village Reading Center

Pub Date: 9/13/98

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