But who's counting?

September 12, 1998|By SARAH PEKKANEN and GINA JONES

A 445-page Starr report in 36 boxes and 2 vans. A 73-page White House rebuttal. Allegations of 11 grounds for impeachment, of explicit phone sex on 12 to 15 occasions. Numbers, numbers, numbers. A few more:

Number of days until Pocketbook publishes the Ken Starr report in paperback for $5.99: 3.

Cost to taxpayers for each of the 18 boxes containing originals of Starr's report: $2.2 million.

Cost of President Clinton's legal debt: $4.3 million.

Number of Americans who have contributed to Clinton's defense: 17,000.

Number of times Clinton has said "I'm sorry" during the past week: 5.

Year the Brenda Lee song "I'm Sorry" was on the hit parade: 1960.

Number of times, during the past six weeks, the weekly Star tabloid has played the Lewinsky story on its front page: 4

Focal point of the Watergate hotel in 1998: 1st floor (where Monica lives.)

Focal point of the Watergate hotel in 1972: 6th floor (where the burglary occurred.)

Pub Date: 9/12/98

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