Mark's markTHE HOME RUN with which Mark McGwire eclipsed...


September 11, 1998

Mark's mark

THE HOME RUN with which Mark McGwire eclipsed Roger Maris' 37-year-old record was not as majestic as the 61 that preceded it. His trot around the bases was more comical than conquering; the flustered slugger had to double back to touch a base he missed.

Rather, the images that endure are his bear hug of his young son, and his hop into the stands to embrace Maris' grown children. They reflected the event's true value -- its contribution to a love of a game that passes between generations, from Babe Ruth to Maris to McGwire and beyond.

The race is on

AS PART of Catholic Charities' 75th anniversary festivities, 36 corporate and institutional teams will participate in dragon boat races on Sept. 19 in the Inner Harbor. The competition -- a daylong, double elimination contest -- is a first for Baltimore although dragon boat racing originated more than 2,400 years ago in China.

The event is designed to strengthen ties between Catholic Charities, the state's largest human services provider, and the business community to build support for the agency's work. Equally important, organizers say, the races will mark Catholic Charities' return to the harbor area where it began and be great fun for participants and spectators alike.

X on JFX

THE JONES Falls Celebration Sept. 19 and 20 is a great way to highlight this urban watershed. Flabbergasting, though, is the city's decision to close northbound Jones Falls Expressway lanes from 8 a.m. to noon that Sunday so festival-goers can jog ZTC and bike on the Interstate 83 lanes between Fayette Street and Coldspring Lane.

What will City Hall come up with next? Closing the Baltimore-Washington Parkway for kite flying?

Pub Date: 9/11/98

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