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September 11, 1998|By Donna Abel | Donna Abel,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

MENTION MARK Twain, and people instantly visualize a mustached man in white, making witty remarks and clever observations about people and life situations.

We all know him for the characters of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, but he also wrote many not-so-famous stories that reflect values important in our modern lives.

Such a story is the "Diary of Adam and Eve." At 8 p.m. today, tomorrow and Sunday and Sept. 18-20 at Firehouse Pub and Grill, Mount Airy Players will present an original adaptation of this comedy, which gives us a tongue-in-cheek look at what life might have been like for the First Man and Woman.

Relationships, trust and the consequences of disobedience, from creation to Cain and Abel, are explored in the play.

Several scripts were available, but director J. C. Beurer of Westminster created an original adaptation of the story.

"I wanted to stress the romantic comedy aspect of the story, and I wanted to make people laugh and cry at what happens to the characters," Beurer said.

"The funniest thing I realized when writing and directing this play is that there aren't many things about men and women in relationships that have changed over the last 115 years since Twain wrote the original story. Men and women still do not fully understand where the other is coming from."

Adapting the lengthy story took time, but "when it was all done, that was the payoff for all of the hard work," Beurer said.

Twain said "wisdom comes with age, but experience is the key to knowledge." The phrase sums up the story of Adam and Eve, their fall, and their ultimate dependence on each other, Beurer said.

Information: 301-829-1527, 301-829-3321 or e-mail at

PTA/back-to-school night

A back-to-school night for parents of Mount Airy Elementary School students will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

The meeting will give parents an opportunity to visit classrooms, meet school staff and hear an overview of their children's instructional programs.

Two 15-minute classroom visits will be scheduled to accommodate parents with more than one child.

Information: 301-829-3563 or 410-795-6974.

Karate open house

Choe's Hapkido Karate at 1511 Ridgeside Drive, Mount Airy, will hold an open house from noon to 4 p.m. tomorrow that will include Hapkido demonstrations and a women's self-defense seminar.

Luke Kissell, owner and chief instructor of Choe's Hapkido Karate, said Hapkido is a martial art that has been in a single family for almost 2,000 years. Introduced into the royal court of Korea in A.D. 372, it stresses physical and mental fitness, and offensive and defensive techniques.

"Very few families were allowed to learn Hapkido because it was considered an extremely effective martial arts style," Kissell said. "It was passed down from father to son exclusively through the Choe family."

Mayor Gerald R. Johnson will attend the open house. Free refreshments will be available.

Information: Luke Kissell at 301-829-9469.

Donna Abel's Southwest Neighbors column appears each Friday the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

Pub Date: 9/11/98

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