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September 10, 1998

THREE OF THE five members of Carroll County's Board of Education will be elected this year. The election is nonpartisan, with six people selected in the primary to run for the three open seats in the Nov. 3 general election.

Among nine candidates on the Sept. 15 primary ballot, two incumbents seek re-election: C. Scott Stone and Gary W. Bauer.

Mr. Stone, a software engineer with Bell Laboratories, was elected to the board in 1992. Mr. Bauer, a pump operator with the Baltimore City Fire Department, was elected in 1994.

They have performed capably over the past four years, as the board dealt with rising budgets and pupil enrollment, crowded schools and expanded state testing. We endorse these two veterans who have acted in a thoughtful manner to oversee a school system with a $159 million budget that serves more than 26,000 pupils. Their leadership will be important as school officials seek to close the gap on a projected $16 million shortfall in the next four years.

A third incumbent, Carolyn L. Scott, is not seeking re-election after 10 years on the board.

Knowledge of the school system is helpful. But so is common-sense -- the ability to listen to the public, examine the possibilities and make an informed decision.

State regulations increasingly limit the scope of decisions by local school boards. But board members are still responsible for issues ranging from construction to curriculum to school security to drafting a budget that the county commissioners will accept.

For the four remaining nominations, we endorse Susan Krebs, Mary D. Oldewurtel, James E. Reter and Thomas L. Shaffer.

Ms. Krebs is a well-known watchdog at board meetings, a PTA activist and a strong voice for building schools in rapidly growing South Carroll. She's a part-time manager for a business consulting firm.

Ms. Oldewurtel is a lawyer with a doctorate in chemistry. Upgrading the elementary school curriculum, particularly in science, and tightening academic standards are major concerns of her campaign.

Mr. Reter was comptroller of the Carroll school system for 12 years, before retiring in 1993. As a certified public accountant, he favors zero-based budgeting to make the administration justify all spending. Current practice is to take the previous year's budget and account for additions.

Mr. Shaffer is a small business owner and a former Baltimore County police officer. He has served on education advisory panels, on topics such as language arts and citizenship curriculum. Basic verbal and math skills need greater emphasis, he says.

Carroll's schools have performed well, with admirable scores on statewide tests and at a relatively low cost per pupil. The challenge will be to continue that excellence into the next century.

Carroll County Board of Education

Candidates: Gary W. Bauer, Colin M. Bisasky, Susan Krebs, Neil F. MacGregor, Mary D. Oldewurtel, James E. Reter, Thomas L. Shaffer, Thelma P. Smith and C. Scott Stone (nonpartisan election).

Data: Salary: $3,000. Term: four years.

The challenge: Rapid opening of new schools to ease classroom crowding could result in $16 million budget deficit in four years. Security concerns mount about school safety and drugs.

Pub Date: 9/10/98

Carroll County school board; Sun endorsements: Stone, Bauer, Krebs, Oldewurtel, Reter and Shaffer best nominees for open seats.

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