County seeks money from Westminster

September 10, 1998

Before the county spends $160,000 to correct drainage problems on Lucabaugh Mill Road, officials will ask Westminster to help defray costs.

The County Commissioners will ask for a meeting with the mayor and Town Council as soon as possible.

Runoff from an industrial park on Lucabaugh Mill Road, east of Route 27 and outside city limits, is affecting the Westminster water supply.

"The most damaging water is coming from the industrial sites," said Howard Noll, county engineering bureau chief. "The city is handling and treating the water."

In response to the city's concerns, the county has devised a system of storm drains to divert the water and alleviate the problem. The project went out to bid last month.

Because a county road is causing the problem with water that goes to households in the city and county, the city had refused to contribute to the cost.

With $110,000 initially budgeted for the road project, the remaining money must come from a county contingency fund or from other projects.

While Commissioner Donald I. Dell sees the need for repairs, he said the city will benefit and should share in the cost.

"We need communication and cooperation here," he said. "Whenever we ask for water lines from the city, they say we are not getting them."


Westminster: A resident of Pinehurst Circle told police Monday that a rock was thrown through the right rear window of his pickup truck while it was parked on Stacy Lee Drive. Damage was estimated at $125.

Pub Date: 9/10/98

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