Baltimore County courthouse Sun endorsements: Strasdauskas for sheriff

Connolly, Withers for register of wills

Mensh for clerk.

September 09, 1998

SINCE HIS 1990 election, Sheriff Norman M. Pepersack Jr.'s imperious management style has created lots of controversy in Baltimore County. That's why it is difficult to understand why the sheriff, unopposed in the Republican primary, does not face a tougher Democratic challenge.

One Democratic candidate, L. John McClernan, is a lawyer and former deputy sheriff. But he also was found guilty of failure to pay child support last year, offering mental health problems as his defense.

Another candidate, Charles D. Cuddy, was a sheriff's department officer assigned to court security until he transferred to become an emergency communications technician.

A third active candidate, Anne K. Strasdauskas, 44, is a deputy sheriff who was fired by Mr. Pepersack.

"We butt heads. I am a woman who puts the problems on the table," Ms. Strasdauskas says of her run-ins with Mr. Pepersack.

Former colleagues describe her as effective, but also occasionally abrasive and arrogant.

Nevertheless, we endorse Ms. Strasdauskas. She can be counted on to wage a spirited campaign against Mr. Pepersack and his questionable running of the sheriff's department.

The choices in the race for county register of wills are easier: Grace G. Connolly has been an outstanding chief judge of the Orphans' Court and deserves the Democratic nomination.

William J. Withers Jr., an accountant for the Circuit Court, is our Republican pick.

Of the nine Democrats seeking nominations for three Orphans' Court judgeships, we support Julie L. Ensor, an incumbent who is a business analyst; David R. Glickman, a lawyer with estate tax experience, and Theresa A. Lawler, another seasoned lawyer.

Republicans we endorse are Paul H. Kozloski, a cable television consultant; Sandra L. O'Connell-Hughes, an incumbent first elected in 1992, and Bruce L. Robinson, a University of Baltimore law student and a former police officer.

For clerk of the Circuit Court, incumbent Suzanne Mensh gets our support for the Democratic nomination. The Republican primary is uncontested.

Tomorrow: Harford County's courthouse races.

Baltimore County courthouse races

Clerk of Circuit Court: Democrats are William T. Hill and Suzanne Mensh; Republican Kenneth D. Ridgeway II is unopposed. Salary: $64,500; Term: four years

State's Attorney: Republican Sandra A. O'Connor is unopposed. Salary: $125,000; Term: four years.

Register of Wills: Democrats are Grace G. Connolly and Bonnie Lou Leisure; Republicans are Patrick L. McDonough and William J. Withers Jr. Salary: $64,000; Term: four years.

Sheriff: Democrats are Charles D. Cuddy, John T. Lawson, E. John McClernan and Anne K. Strasdauskas; Republican Norman M. Pepersack Jr. is unopposed. Salary: $66,000; Term: four years.

Orphans' Court Judge: Democrats are Charles E. Arthur, Salvatore N. Butta, Julie L. Ensor, Peter V. Gargano, David R. Glickman, Clemis Andrew Kaikis, Theresa A. Lawler, Harold E. Long and Jonathan Stark; Republicans are Matthew Carl Beery, A. Gordon Boone, Paul H. Kozloski, Sandra L. O'Connell-Hughes, Pamela Patterson and Bruce L. Robinson. Salary: $29,000; Term: four years.

Data: 1994 primary turnout: 43% of Democrats and 39% of Republicans.

Pub Date: 9/09/98

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