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September 08, 1998

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How long is Zoo Doo composted?

At QuizSite, how many main topics can you choose from?

Just Doo It!

Humans have long revered the great animals that walk the earth, but many of us turn our noses up at their droppings. Gardeners and horticulturists, however, have long known the benefits of animal dung. Thanks to ZooDoo, manure is now being transformed into an effective compost for plants. ZooDoo's Web site explains how composting breaks down organic matter, such as manure, into basic elements, such as potassium and nitrogen. Just follow your nose to http://www.zoodoo.com and meet the elephants, giraffes and rhinos whose droppings are helping gardeners all over the country. Once here, you can share your dung story with an online audience or send a greeting card to a friend or foe.

What do you know?

Calling all brainiacs and trivia fanatics! Put away your No. 2 pencils and cheat sheets and log on to http://www.quizsite.com for some knowledgeable fun. Exploring the Quizsite will: a) test your brain power, b) provide hours of fun, c) give you the opportunity to win prizes! or d) all of the above. If you guessed "d," you're well on your way to fame and fortune in the quiz world. There's a subject for everyone, everything from hard science to the Spice Girls. And you can even help to design future quizzes by donating your own questions. This is one site where anyone can make the grade, so get to it, smarty pants!

Pub Date: 9/08/98

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