Slimy, silly fun! JUST FOR KIDS

September 07, 1998|By Cathy Collison

AAAH! Oooh! Burble! Glop! Whooosh! Those were just some of the sounds that the Yak heard on his wacky walk-through of Nickelodeon studios in Orlando, Florida.

Sound, sight (lots of orange and green slime) and smell (bananas and lime?) are just a few of the sensations the Yak had on the tour. Mostly, the Yak found out what he always suspected was true: Nickelodeon would be a cool place to work.

The Yak isn't alone in wanting to tour Nickelodeon studios, which has a home in the Universal Studios theme park. More than a million visitors a year come to see Nick.

When the Yak visited, taping for the new show "You're On!" had just taken a break but we got to explore the show's set. One thing makes this stage area different from other sets: drains. You need drains for the Gak and slime to go somewhere, said our Nick guide.

There's also a show every 20 minutes in the Game Lab. The Yak stopped by and wow! Kids and parents can test their skills in goofy things, like building an "Angry Beaver" dam with giant logs. Whatever you do, watch out - there's some sliming going on!

Tour the slime and Gak kitchen. The Yak sampled the Gak - it was like lime Jell-O. The slime of the day had a banana flavor and was like pudding, but more rubbery. The Yak thought it tasted yummy enough.

Then there's a place Nick calls Production Alley - that includes the costuming room and all the other parts that go into making a show. The Yak also explored the sound room. There was a gravel pit, where you could record something walking on gravel. And there were shakers and all kinds of weird noisemakers.

On the way out, we took a break on an orange bench. (Orange and green are everywhere.) We wonder, will the next kid sitting here be a new star we'll meet this fall?

The Yak now knows a little about what goes into the making of Nick. So what's its recipe for success? Mix a wacky sense of humor with big doses of imagination.

Stir it together and chill.

It makes a cool mixture ready to dish out every day.

Pub Date: 9/07/98

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