UFO software lets users decide truth

September 07, 1998|By Roy Bassave | Roy Bassave,KNIGHT RIDDER/TRIBUNE

Do you believe that little green (or gray) men visit Earth about as frequently as many of us visit Walt Disney World? Or do you think the UFO phenomenon is a big hoax?

You can arrive at your own conclusions with a CD-ROM called "Sightings: The UFO Encyclopedia." From the producers of the Sci-Fi Channel television show, the $30 "Sightings" claims to present the facts, not the fiction, about UFOs and possible alien abductions from experts and, in some cases, the abductees.

The CD-ROM contains a database of more than 1,000 sightings that you can search and collate according to location, phenomenon, date and shape to build your own account of possible UFO visits.

"Sightings" includes several famous abduction cases for you to judge as fact or fiction - Betty and Barney Hill, Travis Walton, the Allagashy incident. Each is re-created with video and photos.

Can't make it to Area 51? "Sightings" offers a much safer and legal alternative - a virtual three-dimensional "top secret" bunker. There you will hear about the government's "classified" installations, theories on why these are so secretive and why they have long been believed to be the place where aliens are in captivity.

The CD-ROM includes clips of the film of an alleged autopsy of an alien, plus interviews with 11 experts. Judge for yourself whether it is real or an elaborate hoax.

"Sightings" also allows you to compare observations via the Internet. In an online section of the CD-ROM, you can fill out a form and electronically send observations to the "Sightings" Web site.

Sightings will run under Windows 3.1 or Win 95 and requires a 486/33 processor or better, a CD-ROM and 8 megabytes of memory.

Information: www.ssinteractive. com. Send e-mail to rbassav aol.com.

Pub Date: 9/07/98

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