Orioles' ups and downs

September 06, 1998|By Joe Strauss

B.J. Surhoff -- DOWN -- Playing every game has taken its toll on the former catcher. Surhoff suffered an ejection Wednesday and a 4-for-41 slide in 12 games entering weekend. Most surprising, he is struggling in the clutch.

Talk-show blather -- DOWN -- This team is fair game for criticism. But to say for public consumption that Ray Miller pinch hit Willis Otanez two days after he suffered a fractured left wrist? And that September playing time for prospects should dictate policy for 1999? Get in the game.

Clubhouse speeches -- DOWN -- Thank goodness for Slick Willie's "improper relationship" address. It saved Miller's blowup in Chicago from winning worst speech of the month.

Richie Bancells, Brian Ebel -- UP -- As the Orioles' trainers, they are keepers of Jurassic Park. No one has devoted more time to salvaging a broken-down team.

Roberto Alomar -- DOWN -- The season and this team no longer interest him. Miller's Chicago tirade apparently lost him for good. The Cleveland Indians acquired Joey Cora last week to keep second base warm for him until next season.

Coaching staff -- EVEN -- Miller will be back next year but no one is offering guarantees about his support crew. A September meltdown will carry a cost.

Pub Date: 9/06/98

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