Looking for some helpAT A Pasadena bar early Thursday...

Scene and heard in Anne Arundel County

September 06, 1998|By Cheryl Tan Is bigger better?

Looking for some help

AT A Pasadena bar early Thursday evening, a friend and I waited at least 10 minutes for service while the lone bartender raced about, scrambling to serve food and alcohol and take orders of people who were ahead of us.

When, finally, he had a free moment, he dashed over to us with his note pad, wiped his brow and said, "Do either of you want a job?"

METRO FOOD Market in Pasadena has big signs hung prominently at checkout counters: "If you worked here, you'd be certified," and "Your food is only as safe as the people handling it." These signs tout the store's policy that all of its employees are government-certified to handle food.

While walking out of the store this week, I overheard an elderly shopper express doubt about those reassurances:

"Anytime you see big signs like that, it's probably not true."

TaNoah Morgan

Signs that 'shout'

RITCHIE HIGHWAY is the real place to go in Anne Arundel County, however, to see signs. Especially at this time of year.

Candidates in this year's primary election have cluttered the road with names and slogans splashed across cardboard everywhere.

Some signs attempt to convey the image of the candidate -- JOHN GARY, COUNTY EXECUTIVE in gold block letters on large, blue signs and DIANE EVANS in equally solid red and white, but with a perky "Definitely!" splashed in cursive over the first name.

Janet Owens, who is running against Evans for the Democratic nomination for county executive, and Larry Masterson, who is running for the Republican nomination to replace Evans on the County Council, must have bought their signs from the same maker. Both have swaths of white across blue backgrounds with letters outlined in red.

Other candidates' signs seem to be handing out orders: Get Behind Fleckenstein and Forward with Fogelman.

If you get behind Thomas J. Fleckenstein in his race for the Democratic nomination to the House of Delegates in District 31, can you still go forward with Stephan W. Fogelman, another District 31 Democrat?

Robert Schaefer, the Severna Park Republican who has taken most of Anne Arundel's elected officials to task on spending issues, now bids to become one of them with signs that trade on his claim to fame: Robert "Tax Cap" Schaefer.

My favorite sign-hanger is Cliff Roop, another Severna Park Republican looking to replace Evans on the council. Roop never puts one sign in a place where two will do. Or three. So you get this effect: ROOP Roop Roop.

It could be a song. Roop, roop, roop for the home team.

Joel McCord

Mammoth issues

PEOPLE FOR the Ethical Treatment of Animals are unhappy about the elephant rides being offered this year at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

In a letter to Festival General Manager Jules Smith, PETA's Jennifer O'Connor said that keeping elephants in captivity is cruel because they are harshly treated in training and separated from their families to perform. O'Connor added that health and safety issues are a serious concern when elephants are used "because, based on the media accounts that we have collected, 39 people have been killed in elephant attacks in the last seven years."

Smith counters that elephant trainer Frank Murray "rescued" the animals, ages 27 and 44, from circuses where they were harshly treated. To support them, he works them at the Renaissance Festival, which is open only on weekends.

During the week, the elephants roam the acre in Crownsville where the festival is held and "play around and strip trees and dig holes," Smith said. "They seem to have a good old time."

Smith said he has responded to written complaints about the elephants with letters noting that the festival also offers pony rides and jousting on horseback.

TaNoah Morgan

Pub Date: 9/06/98

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