"I read a book called 'An Amish Christmas,' by Richard...

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September 06, 1998

"I read a book called 'An Amish Christmas,' by Richard Ammon. I like this book not because it is about Christmas but because it is about Amish people. The book tells all about how Amish people celebrate Christmas for two whole days. It explains Amish customs. For example, the men all sit on one side of the dinner table and the women all sit on the other side. The illustrations by Pamela Patrick are beautiful."

- Kerry C. Lancaster,

Jarrettsville Elementary

"The book 'Where the Sidewalk Ends' by Shel Silverstein is a great book. My favorite poem is 'Jimmy Jet and His TV Set' and another is 'Double Tail Dog.' His poems are fun and sad and long and short. They are great."

- Alexander Lizear,

St. Leonard Elementary

"My favorite book is 'The Magic School Bus: At the Waterworks.' The author is Joanna Cole. My favorite part is when they are a water drop. They evaporate, then turn into ice. It melts and they turn back into water. I like when they land in London. That was weird."

- Brandon Osefoh,

Bedford Elementary

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Pub Date: 9/06/98

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