150 years ago in The Sun Sept. 7: Wild Pigeons -- We are...

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September 05, 1998|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun Sept. 7: Wild Pigeons -- We are told that the woods in the neighborhood of the city are beginning to be filled with these annual visitors and the gunners have fine sport. Several flocks passed over the city early yesterday morning. It is fine sport to bag them, but they are hardly worth the trouble, so far as eating is concerned.

100 years ago in The Sun Sept. 6: A steer weighing 625 pounds when dressed was devoured to the bones at a "bull roast" given yesterday by the republican associations of the seventh, eighth and ninth wards, at the Baltimore Pleasure Club shore, on Middle River. Several hundred loaves of bread were also eaten and many kegs of beer were emptied in washing down the food.

50 years ago in The Sun Sept. 6: Baltimore's 1948 professional football season started auspiciously yesterday as the weather turned its most favorable face on the city, and the home team won. The crowd of 31,800 people was in a gala mood watching the Colts outscore the New York Yankees, 45 to 28. A warm sun bathed the Municipal Stadium most of the game.

Pub Date: 9/05/98

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