1998 Baltimore County previews FOOTBALL

September 04, 1998|By Lem Satterfield

Boys' Latin Lakers

1997 record: 4-6

Coach: Drew Haugh (career: 42-52)

Top players: Hunter Lochte, Sr., WR-DE; Matt Hartman, Sr., C; Gerard Kane, Sr., G-DT; Tom Gillespie, Sr., DT-OT; Kevin Sullivan, Sr., RB-CB; R.C. Reed, Sr., SE- CB; Jamie Daue, Sr., WR-CB; Mike Mann, Sr., G-LB; Brandon Carver, Jr., RB-DL; Brian Nee, Jr., TE-LB; Danny Berger, Jr., QB; Danny Lamonica, Jr., RB-LB.

Outlook: With 10 starters back, Haugh expects to be in the race in the MIAA A-B Conference, with an outside shot at favorites McDonogh, St. Paul's, Archbishop Curley and Gibbons.

Calvert Hall Cardinals

1997 record: 8-2

Coach: Lou Eckerl (career: 16-26)

Top players: Chad Parsons, Sr., RB; Greg Smoot, Sr., FB-LB; Allen Maszarose, Sr., LB-TE; Mike Dison, Sr., FB-LB; Tom Epps, Sr., OT; Ryan Wineke, Jr., OT-DT; Lou Lombardo, Jr., OT-DT; Mark Orendorff, Sr., WR-SS; Fred Taber, Jr., DE-TE; Matt Gorius, Sr., G-DE.

Outlook: The Cardinals return a team that was tied for second in the MIAA A Conference, including second-team All-Metros Parsons (860 rushing yards, 12 TDs) and Maszarose (seven sacks). Smoot (6-4, 230), Parsons (5-9, 230) and Dison (5- 11, 190) will run behind a line boasting Lombardo (6-7, 270), Wineke (6-3, 270) and Epps (6-3, 275).

Catonsville Comets

1997 record: 4-6

Coach: Warren Como (career: 66-43)

Top players: B.J. Brooks, Sr., LB-RB; Dwayne Thorton, Sr., RB; Ted Stephens, Sr., TE-LB; Dewey Grimm, Sr., OT-DT; Doug Johnson, Jr., QB.

Outlook: The Comets hope to improve on last season with a youthful yet promising squad mostly comprised of players up from a solid JV.

Chesapeake Bayhawks

1997 record: 0-10

Coach: Rodney McMillion (career: 0-10)

Top players: David Sacrynski, Sr., QB; Kevin Williams, Jr., C-LB.

Outlook: The Bayhawks have nowhere to go but up, McMillion said. "I'm proud of how the kids responded in our first scrimmage," he said.

Dulaney Lions

1997 record: 4-6

Coach: John Wineberg (first year)

Top players: Nick Dunphy, Sr., OL; Mike Saffron, Sr., OL; Ben Meyer, Sr., OL; Justin Fine, Jr., OL; Mike Yan, Jr., WR; Rob Leonard, Jr., LB; Pete Sclafani, So., LB.

Outlook: The Lions return nine starters and look to improve against Class 3A-4A opponents. "We have real good leadership. We're optimistic," Wineberg said.

Dundalk Owls

1997 record: 2-8

Coach: Eric Weber (first year)

Top players: John Mease, Sr., OL; Tony Trionfo, Sr., OL; Jeff Keefer, Sr., TE; Rodney Evans, Jr., RB; Esker Mance, Jr., RB; Chad Rogers, Jr., OL.

Outlook: The Owls return five starters and "hope to win more than last year," Weber said.

Eastern Tech Mavericks

1997 record: 9-2

Coach: Nick Arminio (career: 18-13)

Top players: Anthony Lawston, Sr., WR-DB; Ralph Henry, Sr., DE-OL; Ray Jones, Sr., RB-LB; Jason Hartman, Jr., RB-DB; Steve Lawston, Jr., WR-DB; Scott Pearce, Jr., QB.

Outlook: All-Metro Anthony Lawston (35 catches, 781 yards, nine TDs, 10 interceptions) and second-team All-Metro Henry (16 sacks) lead the way for the county Class 3A-4A League tri-champs, who reached their first-ever Class 3A state playoffs. Anthony ranks No. 6 nationally among receivers in The National Recruiting Advisor, and a preseason All-American in SuperPrep as well. Jones (795 yards, 12 TDs) was an All-Region pick by The Advisor.

Franklin Indians

1997 record: 1-9

Coach: Greg Fuhrman (career: 18-40)

Top players: Phil Alexander, Sr., LB-C; Jason Delman, Sr., OT-DT; Mehrshad Karbassi, Sr., NG-OG; Mike Myers, Sr., DE-TE; Todd Sommerville, Sr., DT-OG; Rob Stine, Sr., DE-OT; Ian Wright, Sr., QB-CB.

Outlook: Fuhrman, who moves from Kenwood, is encouraged by the Indians' size and ability.

Hereford Bulls

1997 record: 13-0

Coach: Steve Turnbaugh (career: 29-6)

Top players: Reg Cavender, Sr., RB-LB; Jeremy Hundertmark, Sr., OL; Brandon Klekner, Sr., DB; Dan Saunders, Sr., DL; Luke Gilbert, Sr., SE-S; Chris Lauer, Sr., QB; David Quidley, Sr., LB; Frank Kammer, Jr., DE; C.J. Feldheim, Jr., OL; Adam Hendrix, Jr., OL; Rob Bateman, Jr., TE.

Outlook: Cavender (600 rushing yards, five TDs) and Klekner (six interceptions) lead the way and will be joined by some players up from an 8-1 JV. But the Bulls lost 18 starters, including seven first- or second-team All-Metros, from a squad that won the school's first Class 1A state title.

Hickey School

1997 record: 7-3

Coach: Herb Lynch (career: 23-6)

Top players: Steve Green, Sr., WR; Bradford Thompson, Jr., WR-QB; Dwayne Harrison, Jr., QB; Artise Williams, Jr., DT-OT; Elvin Addison, Jr., OT-DT; Damon Frazier, Jr., RB-LB; John Jefferson, Jr., DE-FB.

Outlook: Lynch is optimistic despite going up against his toughest schedule in this, his fourth, season.

Kenwood Bluebirds

1997 record: 3-7

Coach: Robert Pellitier (first year)

Top players: Mike Lyon, Sr., TE-QB; Tyrell Jones, Sr., RB; Steve Griffin, Jr., OT-DT; Scott Yard, Jr., LB-C; Henry Scott, Jr., DE.

Outlook: With 12 returning starters, the Bluebirds hope to get above .500.

Lansdowne Vikings

1997 record: 5-5

Coach: Ted Bell (first year)

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