Blount's home Back on ballot: General Assembly should tighten residency requirements for candidates.

September 03, 1998

NOW THAT the Court of Appeals has come up with a novel slant on what constitutes a home, the General Assembly should straighten out this mess once and for all.

Few doubt that state Sen. Clarence W. Blount's "residence" in Baltimore City's 41st District is a legal fiction. His true home is in Pikesville, in Baltimore County. Mr. Blount has been using some generous legal interpretations of residency to continue to represent the 41st District. He does an exceptionally good job for the 41st, but he doesn't really live there.

The court ruling means Mr. Blount remains on the Sept. 15 ballot. His presence in Annapolis would be a decided plus for the city. But going forward, legislative leaders must clarify vague language in state law that makes residency requirements subject to wild swings of judicial interpretation. Otherwise, many more candidates could take advantage of the court's generous definition of "home sweet home."

Pub Date: 9/03/98

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