Is your pet pooch a super SOGGY DOGGY? Just for kids

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September 03, 1998|By Chicago Tribune

Looking for a bud to swim with? How 'bout your dog? But first, find out if he's a water lover. The book "Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog" says here's how you can tell:

* Fill a large plastic tub with warm water and toss in your pup's fave toy. If Rover goes in after it, he's a water hound. If he just paws at the water, he's thinking about it. If he stalks away, no way are you gonna turn him into a water pup.

* If your dog digs the wet stuff, hurray! You can play water games! Here's a "Totally Fun" way to introduce him to water:

* Let him sniff the water, wade in it and walk near the water's edge.

* Show him a favorite treat, then toss it close to the water's edge.

* Let him get the treat and chomp on it.

* Toss the treat into shallow water, near the water's edge.

* Praise your pup if he goes in after it.

Warnings: Don't play in water unless there's a good swimmer around. Don't send your dog into water that's too deep for you to handle easily. And DON'T drag your dog into the water or scare him when you're near it.

When your dog is done swimming, dry him thoroughly, especially his ears. (Dogs, especially ones with droopy ears, can get infections if water splooshes around in them.)

For more fun, look for "Totally Fun Things to Do With Your Dog" by Maxine Rock ($13, John Wiley & Sons Inc.).

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Pub Date: 9/03/98

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