Apathy Witness: California college student stood by and did nothing while a 7-year-old was killed.

September 01, 1998

UNWITTINGLY, a 19-year-old teen has become a flash point for what's troubling Americans.

David Cash, a sophomore at the University of California at Berkeley, witnessed a crime allegedly committed by his buddy.

The friend is charged with murder, kidnapping and sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl in the ladies room of a casino near Las Vegas.

Most disgusting was Mr. Cash's cavalier attitude. He didn't stop his friend, notify police or try to help the child. He's quoted as saying: "I'm not going to get upset over someone else's life. I just worry about myself first."

Students are demanding expulsion. University officials say under the law their hands are tied.

The protests at Berkeley and other schools show that most students do not share Mr. Cash's attitude. They, along with other Americans, are alarmed at this shocking lack of human compassion -- an absence of plain old decency.

Pub Date: 9/01/98

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