WNBA gives girls heroinesThere are a million little boys...


August 30, 1998

WNBA gives girls heroines

There are a million little boys out there who dream of the chance to be just like Mike or Cal Ripken or Tiger Woods.

Women's basketball may be a sleepy sport to some, but now there is a chance for a million little girls to dream of being just like Rebecca Lobo or Cynthia Cooper or Teresa Weatherspoon. And that is something they did not have two years ago.

) I thank God for the WNBA.

Edie Lippincott


Up with soccer, United

I have been increasingly disgusted by several recent letters in The Sun attacking soccer. Obviously, none of the writers has been to RFK to watch D.C. United play. I feel that overall, the coverage soccer gets in The Sun is mediocre at best. While there are stories about the Blast and high school teams, D.C. United seems to get minimal coverage.

For the record, United is the only local team in the Baltimore-Washington area to win a championship the last six years and the team with the best chance of winning again this year.

Thanos Mihas


Picture this

What is wrong with this picture? On the morning following Hoiles the game that Chris Hoiles hits two grand slams -- only the ninth major-league player and the first catcher to do so -- The Sun features a half-page photo of Errict Rhett!

The Ravens haven't even begun their regular season, and yet they deserve more coverage than Hoiles' history-making moment?

Barbara Dixon


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