Voters' will in 1996 didn't satisfy the GOPRepublicans...


August 30, 1998

Voters' will in 1996 didn't satisfy the GOP

Republicans have done everything in their power to overturn the 1996 presidential election.

For some reason, the American voter just isn't good enough to deserve their respect.

Michael Willinger


More taxes, but little to show

Each year the government mails to us our property tax bill. I have always thought that the representatives should have to hand-deliver it, so that they could see our faces when we open it, and hear our comments as we read it.

On April 13, 1996, Carroll County Commissioner Donald I. Dell was quoted in the Carroll County Times as saying, "There's going to be an outcry of people. I expect to have my head chopped off."

He was making this statement in response to his proposal of a 26-cent tax increase. In 1995, this same board ushered in a raise in the "piggyback" tax from 50 percent to 58 percent.

We are reminded of government's continued reliance on a residential tax base to be the foundation of its revenue. The housing industry alone cannot support the infrastructure of this county.

And, what we are receiving for our tax dollar? Fifty-six cents of each is spent on education, yet portable classrooms sit like "monuments to mismanaged growth."

Then there is public safety. There are only 48 resident troopers for the entire population, working shifts, which means 48 are not on board at the same time.

C7 Can you afford four more years of economic neglect?

Betty Smith


The writer is a candidate for Carroll County commissioner.

Stocksdale firmly against abortion

The members of Pro Life Carroll County commend Del. Nancy R. Stocksdale, R-District 5, for her outstanding defense of human life and family values in the Maryland General Assembly.

Ms. Stocksdale's voting record proves beyond a doubt that her actions support her words.

She has voted consistently to preserve and protect human life, and has resisted the efforts of others to expand the cope of taxpayer-funded abortions.

The first duty of government is to protect the defenseless: Ms. Stocksdale has shown by her voting record that that principle ranks as one of her major priorities.

Maria DeCesare


The writer co-chairs Pro Life Carroll County.

Pub Date: 8/30/98

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