25 years ago: The Carroll County school board extended the...


August 30, 1998|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago: The Carroll County school board extended the high-school student smoking policy at least until December when it will again review the issue. According to reports from individual high schools, conditions of lavatories improved. Also, suspension rates dropped. Now, however, the principal is under no obligation to suspend a first-time offender. -- the Carroll Record, Aug. 23, 1973.

75 years ago: Hyman Israel of Union Bridge had a thrill last Wednesday night when he was awakened by a noise at his bedroom window. Armed with a flashlight and a revolver, he made an investigation when he saw a man running away and found a ladder placed to his window. This was following pay day. The supposition is that the intruder was of the opinion that Mr. Israel had taken in considerable money and it would be a good time to visit him. -- Democratic Advocate, Aug. 24, 1923.

100 years ago: Everything was favorable to the tournament held in Crawford's grove near Taylorsville on Wednesday. Notwithstanding the intense heat, a large number of ladies and gentlemen were present. Two sets of knights, professional and amateur, contended for the prizes and the privilege of naming the queens and their maids of honor. In the professional class, Winfield C. Wetzell, Knight of Dewey, won the firt prize and named Miss Bessie Young of Baltimore queen of love and beauty. -- Democratic Advocate, Aug. 27, 1898.

Pub Date: 8/30/98

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