A. Kittleman: Repeal trash tax at first chanceAlthough I...


August 30, 1998

A. Kittleman: Repeal trash tax at first chance

Although I appreciate The Sun's Aug. 20 endorsement of my candidacy, and its confidence in my campaign, I must clarify one point. From the beginning of my campaign, I have consistently stated that I will work to repeal the trash tax.

Even though our ability to repeal or reduce the trash tax will be dependent on the county's future spending and revenues, I want The Sun and the citizens of the 5th Councilmanic District to know that I will aggressively look for ways to eliminate or lessen the trash tax burden.

Allan H. Kittleman

West Friendship

The writer is a 5th District Republican candidate for the Howard County Council.

Starr, media, public don't share fault

Your lead editorial was an insult to my intelligence ("Tragedy meets farce in appalling precedent," Aug. 19).

While not denying President Clinton's admitted misdeeds, you imply that Kenneth Starr, the American media and public share equal fault with him for the inappropriate investigation of his personal life (by Mr. Starr) and the insatiable appetite for prurient details (by the media and public).

Please, let's be honest about it. You know that Mr. Starr has a Justice Department mandate for this investigation.

If he did not pursue it, he would be derelict in his duty. As for the media and the public, what should you expect from a population whose appetites have been refined by a daily dose of soap operas for 50 years?

You say that if Clinton is impeached, the Republicans will be overturning the popular mandate (his election and his approval

ratings) "at their political peril." So be it.

Edwin S. Jordan

Ellicott City

Parking may not be the only problem

I found one Ellicott City restaurateur's comments on his business woes curious ("Parking crunch blamed for bite on profits," Aug. 23). Al Parsons, owner of Cacao Lane, is quick to blame a 25-percent drop in his lunchtime business on too many (( Main Street restaurants and too few parking spaces for patrons.

I suggest Mr. Parsons look inside his own establishment for other reasons: slow service, unspectacular food and a manager condescending to his customers. Such was my experience at Cacao Lane and I will never go back.

Lynn McKain


Expanding gambling fiscally unsound

In 1998, Maryland is blessed with low unemployment, a booming economy and a state budget surplus. But even in good economic times, we must continue working to maintain fiscally responsible policies.

Some consider expanding legalized gambling as a fiscally responsible method of raising state revenues. Not this candidate. If elected I will strongly oppose building casinos or bringing slots to the Maryland racetracks. These forms of gambling create social ills which are far worse than the financial benefits that they might generate.

William C. Woodcock Jr.

Ellicott City

The writer is a Democratic candidate for House of Delegates in Legislative District 14B.

'Social promotions' are a failed policy

I think that the decision that Robert Merriman III made to have his son repeat eighth-grade was correct, even though Howard County school officials did not. ("Flunking a student to help get ahead," Aug. 10).

Educators are wrong in believing that they can make the best decisions about what is good for a child. While it is true that they have knowledge about the development and learning abilities of all children, parents have information about their own children, because they live with them, that educators do not.

Disagreements over who is better qualified to decide what children should do are pointless. Parents and school officials should work as a team to share their information and decide what is best for each child.

Educators are concerned that students who repeat grades will suffer psychological and emotional trauma.

Social promotion does not solve the problem of a lack of skills, but continues a cycle of failure. Providing extra classes in elementary and middle schools to teach students basic skills

would eliminate the need for social promotion.

Laura Waters


The writer is a candidate for the Howard County Board of Education.

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Pub Date: 8/30/98

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