"My favorite book is 'Arthur's Eyes' by Marc Brown. I like...


August 30, 1998

"My favorite book is 'Arthur's Eyes' by Marc Brown. I like this book because he picks these glasses and then when he comes to school the kids call him 'four eyes.'"

-- Erin Shafer

Bedford Elementary

"This summer I read 'Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing' by Judy Blume. It is very funny. It is about a boy named Peter and his annoying brother, Fudge. My favorite part was when Fudge swallowed his brother's turtle. It is a wonderful book for someone with a pesty little brother."

-- Connor Lynch

Perry Hall Elementary

"A good book that I read was 'So Far From Home' by Barry Denenberg. It was about an Irish girl who sails to America to see her aunt. She gets a job as a mill girl. My favorite part was the boat trip. It was interesting and thrilling."

-- Katie M. Brown

Mount Washington Elementary

Pub Date: 8/30/98

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