N.Y. City-Dallas is popular route, Ryder study finds

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August 30, 1998

If you see a Ryder van on the road, it may be a good bet that it's heading to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And it may be a good bet that it's coming from New York.

That's according to a 1997 moving study by Ryder TRS, the nation's second largest truck rental company.

Ryder determined where Americans are moving by using "net moves." Net moves are the total number of one-way moves out of an area, using Ryder trucks, subtracted from the total number of one-way moves into that area.

The areas were determined using the A. C. Nielsen Company's 211 Designated Market Areas.

According to that formula, the Dallas-Fort Worth area was the most popular destination.

And more moves were made out of the New York area.

The next most popular destinations according to the survey are: Atlanta; Las Vegas; Knoxville, Tenn.; and Boston.

Following New York in net moves outbound are: Los Angeles; Salt Lake City; Savannah, Ga.; and Chicago.

Pub Date: 8/30/98

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