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Letters to the Editor

August 29, 1998

Underage drinking deserves no glory in news stories

On behalf of the Maryland Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition (MUDPC), I would like to express my disappointment and dismay in regard to the article "Taking the plunge" (Aug. 17).

This article, which seemingly began as a story about love and marriage, turned into a story about an underage pregnant woman who chose to put her baby at risk by consuming alcohol. This by itself is disturbing. However, to have this information woven into the "making of a romantic love story" is even more disturbing.

Because of these facts, I truly think your decision to print this article, such as it was, was an error in judgment. I think you could have found a more suitable couple celebrating marriage at the beach, a couple of legal drinking age who were not jeopardizing an unborn child.

The very nature of this article subtly reinforces the public's tolerant attitude toward underage alcohol use. Our organization is committed to preventing underage alcohol use, and to reduce the harm associated with this dangerous behavior. However, when total disregard for life and law are presented by a newspaper that is read by so many, we realize that we still have a long way to go. Please be part of Maryland's solution.

Bonnie M. Holmes


The writer is executive director of the Maryland Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition.

Strike against terrorism needed to show our resolve

As a retired soldier and veteran of Operation Desert Storm, I fully support and applaud our missile strikes on suspected terrorist facilities in both Sudan and Afghanistan.

As a nation, we must never appear weak or faltering in the face of international terrorism. Those who foment such callous acts against our embassies and other interests must bear the costs for having done so. No profit must reach the perpetrators.

The missile strikes fully demonstrate our resolve in that regard. We must, too, cut off funding for dubious organizations that raise money (under benevolent guise) for transfer to terrorists overseas.

Such groups then benefit from our own naively given dollars. Through our national resolve, we can thus ensure that the costs of terrorism far outweigh any perceived benefits to these criminals. Thus, terrorists will lose their "war of the future."

Joe Hammell

Waynesboro, Pa.

Masterful articles are latest tribute to civil rights leaders

Your editors and Linell Smith, whose series chronicled so caringly the lifting of Gwynn Oak's racial barriers, are to be commended for a masterfully thorough job ("Justice at Gwynn Oak," Aug. 23-24).

Lest some readers get the impression that the selfless work of this movement's activists went unrecognized before this, it should be known that a memorable tribute was paid to one of them 18 years ago. That day, the Rev. Chester Wickwire was honored by a large group of his friends and supporters for his lifelong contributions to social justice.

At the time, the Johns Hopkins tutorial program was one of Mr. Wickwire's focal efforts.

Representatives of the area's political, cultural, educational and religious leadership were addressed by Arthur S. Fleming, then chairman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Henry W. Eisner


This letter appeared yesterday with the wrong signature. We regret the error.

Environmental Sauerbrey draws differing views

Thanks for the illuminating but depressing article of Ellen Sauerbrey's dismal record on the environment.

However, KAL's editorial cartoon the next day showing a sewage pipe coming from Ms. Sauerbrey's mouth pouring toxic filth into the bay really hit the nail on the head and gave me a much-needed laugh.

George Goebel


KAL's cartoon depicting Ellen Sauerbrey hits a new low.

Political disagreement is one thing. Disgusting personal villification is quite another.

Question her policies at a constructive level, not the gutter level.

Charles E. Poyer Jr.


I found KAL's cartoon of Ellen Sauerbrey polluting the bay most disgusting and mean-spirited.

Any Republican or Democrat should be highly offended by this deplorable trash.

Cora L. Virag


To know Chuck Ecker is to vote for him

I recently attended a small gathering in my Arnold community to meet and hear Charles I. Ecker, a candidate unknown to me and my wife before I had seen him.

I came away knowing that I will vote for this man for governor.

His perspective is refreshing, intelligent and pragmatic. I urge more voters to get to know this man's views.

Gerry Rosenthal


Ecker's superb talents can help Sauerbrey

Chuck Ecker is a highly skilled administrator with a solid track record of accomplishments.

Your endorsement of his talents as a superb administrator underscores the fact that Ellen Sauerbrey, as our next governor, can draw from a bank of talented Republicans (and Democrats) to build the kind of state leadership team that Marylanders endorse.

Michael Galiazzo


Restaurant, review glorify atrocities of war

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