Choices for Harford council Sun endorsements: Boardman and Heselton in 'A'

no contest in 'B'

Richardson and Cassilly in 'C'.

August 27, 1998

HARFORD VOTERS, who elect their entire county council regardless of where they live, have contested primaries in both parties in Districts A and C, but none in District B, the Joppa-Fallston area.

In A, which includes Edgewood, Christopher Clark Boardman is running against Samuel T. Gibson III for the Democratic nomination. It is as civil a race as you'll find, with each candidate complimenting the other.

Mr. Boardman, 51, whose eclectic resume ranges from nurse to true-crime writer for detective magazines, may be best known locally for fighting to save a community swim club in Joppatowne.

Mr. Gibson, a 47-year-old BGE technician, meanwhile, pledges to donate half his council salary to operate the recently restored miniature train at Flying Point Park in Edgewood. It's a generous offer, with children in mind, but we think Mr. Boardman should win because of his more reasoned view of the growth issue.

On the Republican side, two-term incumbent Susan B. Heselton, 56, faces Michael S. Mullis, 25. Mr. Mullis is enthusiastic, but Ms. Heselton merits re-nomination.

In District C, which includes Bel Air, the three Democrats are Linda Koplovitz, 46, a leader in the grassroots' effort that successfully opposed incineration of chemical weapons at Aberdeen Proving Ground; Lawrence A. Richardson Jr., 42, a well-informed insurance lobbyist in Annapolis long active in youth recreation; and Scott Andrew Swegon. Though Ms. Koplovitz' fervor was impressive battling weapons incineration, we endorse Mr. Richardson. His opposition to overdevelopment is as steadfast as hers, but more balanced.

On the GOP side, we endorse Robert G. Cassilly, 40, a Bel Air commissioner who spoke eloquently -- though we disagreed with his position -- against County Executive Eileen M. Rehrmann's plan for a senior-youth recreation center on the last forested spot in Bel Air. He is the brother of State's Attorney Joseph Cassilly. His opponent is 23-year-old Michael A. Geppi, another bright, young candidate whose involvement bodes well for Harford's future.

Tomorrow: Districts D, E and F

Pub Date: 8/27/98

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