Hon-eymoon's over: Dolores gets the ax After booing by fans, Ravens' 'hon' woman 'ain't gonna happen'

August 26, 1998|By Eduardo A. Encina | Eduardo A. Encina,SUN STAFF

Ravens fans have seen the last of Dolores, who took the big screen at Baltimore's new stadium to remind fans of proper behavior in her stereotypical "Bawlmerese" way of speaking.

Responding to boos and complaints from offended fans, the Ravens have decided to cut Dolores, the beehive-haired, crab-mallet-toting character who appeared on the scoreboard before games to tell fans how they were expected to act.

The video segment, entitled "Dolores the Neighbor's rules for fan behavior," depicts a woman speaking in the exaggerated and distinct dialect of a Baltimore "hon."

"No smokin' in the stands or baffrooms," says the character, as the rule is spelled out on the screen just the way she talks. "No throwin' nuttin' in the seats," she goes on, warning that "ain't gonna happen."

Toward the end of the 30-second segment, she smashes a pile of crabs with a mallet and threatens fans to behave or she'll discipline them just like the crabs.

As the segment aired at Monday night's game, a chorus of boos could be heard from the seats.

John Modell, Ravens entertainment producer, who came up with the idea, said shortly after Monday night's game that in response to the fans' reaction the segment would be pulled.

"We're not going to run something that the fans are going to boo," Modell said. "If they don't like it, then we're not going to run it.

"We had to run an announcement early on about fan behavior and we wanted to make a little light of it, not just a general announcement like we had at Memorial Stadium," he said.

"It just didn't go over well. We have had some of complaints about it, that it is knocking the city, but that's not the way we meant it. We did it in good spirit. It was a way for us to add a little bit of humor," Modell said.

Mike Schiavone, 34, of Rosedale, said that he thought the segment was corny and annoying.

"They just need to get rid of her," he said. "There's just really no need for it."

Not every fan took offense.

"I think it is great," said Tammy Barber, 29, of Annapolis. "I think they have to do something to tell the fans that bad behavior won't be tolerated and it was funny, but it also incorporated a little bit about Baltimore in it."

Because of an increase in fan complaints about behavior at Memorial Stadium last year, the team decided to deliver a message at the beginning of games.

"We believed it was a fun way of telling people not to be jerks, and we wanted to blend in a little of Baltimore in the message," Byrne said.

Modell said that a new general fan behavior message will be played starting with the season opener on Sept. 6.

The part of Dolores was played by Theresa Abato, who lives in the area and works in the Ravens' front office. Her title is Ravens premium services director.

Abato could not be reached for comment. But Modell said yesterday that she "felt very bad" about the fans' disapproval, though not about the end of her acting career.

Pub Date: 8/26/98

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