Name new illness linked to Pfiesteria Shoemaker's...

Letters to the Editor

August 26, 1998

Name new illness linked to Pfiesteria Shoemaker's disease

The record needs to be set straight on your article ("Md. doctors write paper on Pfiesteria," Aug. 14). This is in no way meant to detract from the importance of its appearance in this world-famous medical journal.

The first article did not appear in Lancet but in the Maryland Medical Journal of November/December, 1997. At that time an article by Dr. Richie C. Shoemaker, a Pocomoke family physician, presented a review of his first five cases and made some other cogent observations. Also in that issue was a related article, of which the lead author was Dr. Diane L. Matuszak.

In addition to the above mentioned articles, the Maryland Medical Journal published an article by Dr. Shoemaker in our February/March, 1998 issue. I should point out that this article addressed therapy of the disease. While his claims in this matter are not accepted by some physicians engaged in this field, no one has offered any other. We also dedicated our entire May, 1998 issue to this subject. Dr. Shoemaker has also published a book of 350 pages titled "Pfiesteria, Crossing Dark Waters." This was published early this year by Gateway Press of Baltimore. In it, he enumerates the many obstructions he experienced in obtaining acknowledgment that this disease really existed. If a name for this disease is being sought, as noted in your article, Shoemaker's Disease may be appropriate. There are many precedents in medicine for doing this.

Marion Friedman, M.D.


The writer is editor of the Maryland Medical Journal.

Use Memorial Stadium for satellite parking

The Mass Transit Administration, the city and the Ravens can alleviate the transportation problems at the new stadium by looking to the old one.

If the powers that be are going to raze Memorial Stadium, why not turn what's left into something useful, such as satellite parking for the Ravens stadium? Season ticket holders could be given priority parking, and the rest of the commuters can park as space permits.

MTA can then run shuttle buses between the parking lot and Camden Yards. I hope Art Modell would see it in his interests to help finance such a project.

Marc Towson Villa

Alexandria, Va.

Right stance on controversy is an example for all media

I wish to commend The Sun for its posture on the controversy surrounding President Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and Kenneth Starr. Your reasoned approach editorially should be an example for all the media and, for that matter, for people who believe they are capable of leading this government.

Unfortunately, a large number, if not the majority, of media commentators and national figures have eschewed the rational approach to this matter. Most, it appears, are engaging in a dialogue more commonly found in the scandal sheets, the paparazzi of the written word.

I am in complete agreement with your premise that what has ensued is a scandal rather than a crime. And I believe what we are hearing and reading about this matter is nothing more than scandal-mongering. I view this salacious wallowing in the affairs of others as a disgrace that taints our international persona.

While I do not condone what has occurred in the Clinton White House, I am convinced that it is none of my business, either as a citizen or an individual.

The most recent comments relative to our missile attacks last week go even further to abase us internationally. That so-called experts and leaders can liken President Clinton's response to heinous attacks on our embassies to the plot of a movie is an embarrassment that I hope our nation can survive.

I cleave to the philosophy of rallying behind our presidency, especially in international matters.

Pat LoCascio


Lewinsky's dress could tell descendants a lot about us

Monica Lewinsky's blue dress should be exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum as evidence of the extraordinary absurdity and lunacy of the 20th century's concluding years.

Susan Wolf Dudley


Don't spread the blame for Clinton's problems . . .

I strongly object to The Sun's attempt to smear the citizens of this country with the headline "A country, a president fail together" (Aug. 20). Perhaps your headline writer believes that if responsibility is spread thinly enough, it disappears.

The polls referred to by the media, showing high approval ratings for President Clinton, are dubious. One explanation is that he leads the country in "peaceful and prosperous times." I believe, politicians do not create prosperity or peace, although they are willing to take credit for both. People doing their jobs each day create prosperity.

Georgia Burch Benson


. . . but the media bear responsibility for scandal

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