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August 26, 1998

The Sun's Ryan Basen caught up with Baltimore Ravens linebacker Jamie Sharper to ask him what books he likes to tackle, when he's not reading a football playbook.

Did anyone read to you when you were a kid?: My parents read to me but most of my early reading came during school. I was really into books when I was a kid. I think it was because I started reading when I was very young.

What were some of your favorite books as a kid?: The Dr. Seuss books were my favorites, especially "Green Eggs and Ham." I also liked the nursery rhymes from the Bible, which we read in Sunday school.

Did you ever read anything besides books?: I always read the metro, sports and entertainment sections of the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper. I read a few magazines like Ebony, which was a big favorite of my mother's, and Sports Illustrated occasionally.

How important is reading in your job?: Reading is necessary for HTC football player. I have to read coverages and plays [that coaches draw up] and scouting reports of the teams we play against each week. I also like to read things off the field, like the Sporting News and the Bible to keep my mind off of football.

You are among the Ravens working to promote reading. Why did you get involved?: You need to read to keep aware of what is going on in the world. You don't want to be ignorant. Reading is important in so many ways. Overall, it's important to read the paper, to be aware of worldly events, and to keep your vocabulary up to par.

How important is it to start reading at a young age?: If I have kids I will certainly start reading to them at a very early age. That gives them a head start. If they pick it up they enjoy it a lot sooner. And if reading is fun at an early age, it will be a lot easier in middle school and high school.

Pub Date: 8/26/98

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