'My Backpack' Editor's note: A boy discovers how many wonderful things he can fit in his new backpack.

Story Time

August 26, 1998|By Eve Bunting

My backpack's big,

my backpack's blue,

my backpack's very nearly new.

Grandma sent it in the mail.

She bought it at a garage sale.

She says by now I'm big enough

to fill it with important stuff.

I'll put my teddy bear inside.

He'll like a little backpack ride.

Here's my train.

I'll take my blocks.

I'll take my brother's baseball socks.

I think I'll take his catcher's mitt -

he keeps it soft with lots of spit.

My mother hangs her keys up high,

but I can reach them if I try.

I'll take a cookie and a spare -

one for me and one for bear.

There's lots of room,

I could take more.

OK! I guess I could take four.

Dad leaves his glasses everywhere.

I see them sitting on his chair.

I'll put them carefully away.

His glasses won't get lost today!

I like this television thing.

You push it and it makes a ping.

Cartoons come on and sometimes news.

I think I'll take my mother's shoes.

I'll take my kitty and its dish.

It smells a bit of last night's fish.

I'll take a dustpan and the broom -

No, not the broom, there isn't room.

My backpack weighs an awful lot.

All these important things I've got!

I'll push the screen door, hold it wide.

"See, kitty, see? It's nice outside."

When Mom and Dad see what I've done,

they'll know they have a clever son!

"He learned so quickly!" Mom will say.

"He only got it yesterday!"

"Mom, I've lost my catcher's mitt.

Of course I've really looked for it.

My socks have gone, that's what I said.

Of course I've looked beneath the bed."

"I left my glasses on my chair.

Now I can't find them anywhere."

"My shoes have vanished, they were here.

How could they simply disappear?

What else is missing? Look around!"

"Don't bother, Mom. The burglar's found!"

"He took my keys!"

"He took my socks!"

"He took the television box."

"I've got my glasses."

"Here's my mitt - Oh, gross! He's added extra spit!"

"Here's one shoe and here's the other.

Say you're sorry to your mother!"

"I know you didn't understand.

OK, OK, I'll hold your hand.

OK, OK, I'll carry you.

I'll carry you and kitty, too."

Grandma would be pleased to see

my backpack all filled up with me!

From MY BACKPACK. Text copyright Eve Bunting, 1997. Illustrations copyright Maryann Cocca-Leffler, 1997. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of Boyds Mills Press.

Pub Date: 8/26/98

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