Freedom area should oppose greater densityThe planning...


August 23, 1998

Freedom area should oppose greater density

The planning commission of Carroll County wants to hear from citizens of the Freedom area. The commission is considering rezoning 295 acres of agricultural land that is within Linton Springs Elementary School district from conservation to R-20, or half-acre lots.

The land lies between Linton Springs Elementary, Linton and Klee Mill roads and Little Morgan Run. Allowing acreage for infrastructure such as roads and open space and areas that are not suitable for construction, 400 homes is not a low estimate.

Do we need 400 homes within the Linton Springs Elementary School district?

Linton Springs Elementary is opening tomorrow at a capacity of 750 students. Schools are not built upon projected student population. Money for schools is based upon existing student numbers and are often behind trends in population.

Most residents in the Freedom District know how difficult it is to get a school built. The land can be developed as it is currently zoned. Conservation zoning allows for 3-acre lots. Homes could be clustered to decrease the environmental impact.

The additional homes would be accessed by narrow, hilly and winding roads. Klee Mill and Linton roads would be the major intersections with Route 26 serving these homes. The additional homes could put more than 800 additional cars into these intersections.

Little Morgan Run is a protected trout stream. Trout nest near the mouth of Little Morgan in the Liberty Reservoir. A rise in the amount of sediment from runoff increases the temperature and reduces the number of trout hatchlings. Even disturbances along a stream bed miles away can damage the delicate balance in the nesting area.

While I do not deny a property owner the right to develop his property, I am opposed to changing the density of the property. It is also inevitable that the property will be developed.

The Freedom area does not need this kind of increased density. It would greatly increase the student population at Linton Springs Elementary, tax congested intersections and critical water supply.

Kathy Gilbert


Pub Date: 8/23/98

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