Making careful choices OF CONSUMING INTEREST

August 23, 1998

Pop, spin, peek and read novelty books - how can you decide which of these book/toy combinations are worthwhile?

First of all, there is a lot of junk out there. But the rules here are the same as for any book. Cost does not a good book make. If it's a pop-up, check to see if it's sturdy and easy to manipulate. If it's shrink-wrapped, ask for a sample. Otherwise, take your chances; these are not usually available in libraries.

Good bookstores can advise you as to which they have had the most success with. We find Klutz Press to be trustworthy in design and execution. As a matter of fact, look up "Klutz's Kids' Back Seat Survival Guide." It's a perfect example of how a novelty mix of game and book can work.

- "Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children,"

by Valerie V. Lewis and Walter M. Mayes

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