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August 23, 1998|By Rasmi Simhan | Rasmi Simhan,CONTRIBUTING WRITER

From style magazine to classy shop, from classy shop to your table's centerpiece. From your centerpiece to the Dumpster.

If you're tired of trailing the trends in home decor, take comfort in the 5,000-year popularity of candles. Versatile in size, shape and scent, today's candles make dazzling decorations.

Combine floating candles with a little creativity to lend elegance to any setting. Float candles and flowers such as roses or delphiniums in a shapely glass, or set the votives atop a bowl of potpourri.

Party time is candle time. Let ripple candles take center stage on your next birthday cake. (Think of these candles as a temporary home decoration.) Give the birthday boy or girl the gift of light and laughter with funky candles, such as the pictured coffee cup on spoon legs.

Floating Bathing People candles will suit the retiree who looks forward to doing some floating and bathing himself.

The gourmet - or the dieter - will appreciate the mouthwatering verisimilitude of food candles, such as the wedge of cheese and loaf of bread pictured. They'll be right at home on the kitchen counter. By the way, check out on the Internet for candles that look and smell like your favorite foods. Try chocolate chip cookie candles with a glass of milk. Or sample the seasonal offerings, including hot dog and hamburger candles.

For a more traditional or artsy look, opt for beeswax candles. More expensive than paraffin, they provide longer-lasting, smoke-free and honey-scented light, and come in natural textures such as honeycomb. Hand-dipped tapers offer slender elegance.

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