A clip-and-save guide to a week's worth of meals This week's menus


Each day of the week offers a menu aimed at a different aspect of meal planning. There's a family meal, a kids' menu aimed at younger tastes, a meal that recycles leftovers, a budget meal that employs a cost-cutting strategy, a meatless or "less meat" dish for people who may not be strict vegetarians but are trying to cut down on meat, an express meal that requires little or no preparation, and an entertaining menu that's quick.


Stay cool in the lazy, hazy days of summer with Chicken Salad With Raspberries. Serve with a broth-based canned soup if you like, and add sourdough rolls. Chocolate layer cake is a fine dessert. Make your own or buy one from the store.

Plan ahead: Save four cooked chicken breast halves and some of the cake for Monday.


Take it easy tonight and make Blondie sandwiches for dinner. Spread whole-wheat bread with low-fat mayonnaise and grainy mustard. Stack each sandwich, Dagwood-style, with shredded leftover chicken, 1 slice cooked bacon, romaine leaf, tomato slices, minced scallions and whatever else looks good from the refrigerator. Frozen oven fries sprinkled with a little paprika are an easy accompaniment. Where did Blondie hide the leftover cake? Dagwood?!


Western Beans (see recipe) won't put a big dent in your food budget. Serve over brown rice for a vitamin boost. You'll want green salad and corn muffins for a complete meal.


Every kid will like pita dogs.

Cut fat-free hot dogs into bite-size pieces and heat. Stuff into whole-wheat pitas; add relish and mustard. Make your own carrot and raisin salad. Finish this easy meal with fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt with fat-free fudge sauce.

Plan ahead: Shred an extra cup of carrots for Thursday.


Pasta Primavera (see recipe) is always popular. Serve with multigrain rolls. For dessert, make your own lemon pudding or make from a package. Use skim milk and garnish with a dollop of light whipped cream.

Plan ahead: Save half the pasta primavera for Friday.


Tonight's pasta with diced ham and cheese is easy because all you do is dice 1/2 pound cooked ham from the deli and mix with 1 cup of shredded, reduced-fat sharp Cheddar cheese and Thursday's leftover pasta. Add sliced black olives if you like. If you want something hot, canned soup is easy. Add bread sticks. Serve water-melon and cantaloupe chunks for a light dessert.


Your guests will arrive early for Grilled Halibut and Vegetables (see recipe). Serve with orzo pasta tossed with chopped parsley and a little Parmesan. Strawberry Spinach Salad is a delicious accompaniment (see recipe). You'll want crusty bread to complete this festive summer meal.

Shopping List

What you'll need for this week's menus (consult recipes for exact amounts)



raspberry vinegar

fresh thyme

Dijon mustard


ground pepper

olive oil

uncooked chicken breast halves

mesclun or other salad greens

fresh raspberries

broth-based canned soup

sourdough rolls

store-bought chocolate layer cake or ingredients to make your own


whole-wheat bread

low-fat mayonnaise

grainy mustard


romaine lettuce

fresh tomatoes


frozen oven fries



cooking spray

vegetable oil



canned pinto beans


tomato sauce

hot pepper sauce

brown rice

salad greens

store-bought corn muffins or ingredients to make your own


fat-free hot dogs

whole-wheat pita bread



ingredients for carrot and raisin salad

fat-free frozen vanilla yogurt

fat-free fudge sauce



fresh asparagus

fresh broccoli

fresh mushrooms

red, yellow or orange bell peppers

fresh chives


black pepper

fat-free sour cream

fresh carrots

Parmesan cheese

multigrain rolls

ingredients for your own or packaged lemon pudding

light whipped cream


cooked ham

shredded, reduced-fat sharp Cheddar cheese

black olives

canned soup

bread sticks

watermelon and

cantaloupe chunks


halibut steaks or fillet

red and green bell peppers

yellow crookneck squash


olive oil

balsamic vinegar


fresh thyme




Parmesan cheese

fresh spinach

fresh strawberries

red onion

honey-mustard dressing

crusty bread

Chicken Salad With Raspberries


Makes 4 servings

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 to 14 minutes

2 minced shallots

1 1/2 tablespoons raspberry


1 1/2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

salt and pepper to taste

2 tablespoons olive oil

8 (4- or 5-ounce) boneless,

skinless chicken breast halves, divided

10 cups mesclun or other mixed salad greens

1 cup fresh raspberries, divided

In a small bowl, whisk together shallots, vinegar, thyme, mustard and salt and pepper to taste. Slowly whisk in oil. Place 4 chicken breasts in a flat container and drizzle with 2 tablespoons of vinaigrette, turning to coat. Cover and marinate in refrigerator about 1 hour; turn occasionally. (Cover and refrigerate the other 4 breasts until grilling time.) Remove chicken, discard marinade.

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