Those who went to jail FOR THE RECORD

August 23, 1998

This week marks the 35th anniversary of the March on Washington, where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. made his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. But in Baltimore, Aug. 28, 1963, is noted for another milestone: the desegregation of Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Woodlawn.

The wooden roller coaster and other park amusements are long gone. But the 35-year-old arrest records of those who protested desegregation there amazingly remain on file. Printed here, for the first time, are the names of the Baltimoreans listed as arrested in the protests on July 4 and 7, 1963:

James David Andrews

Benjamin Frank Auld

Marlin Bausum Ballard

Marion Curtis Bascom

Harold Lloyd Bell

Jerome Breslaw

Harrison James Bryant

Lewis Morris Buckler

Leo Wesley Burroughs

Harry Allen Campbell

Edward Anderson Chance

Ernest Percy Clark

Barbara Coleman

Clinton Reuben Coleman

James Samuel Coleman

Lucille Richey Coleman

Paul Edward Connelly

Joseph Michael Connolly

Sidney Daniels

Charles Bernard Derricks

James Edward Dingle

Marshall Dinowitz

Harold Lewellynn Dobson

Vernon Dobson

Audrey Good Ford

Raymond Maurice Francois

Carol L. Frank

Samuel Lewis Frank

Thomas Pettigru Frazier III

Michael Phillip Furstenberg

Frederick Gene Geltz III

Samuel Glasner

Israel Mordecai Goldman

Joe Goolst

Herman Octavius Graham

Lloyd Stanley Graham

Austin Healy

Albert Earl Hines

Edward Lee Holmgren

Mary Nisbet Holmgren

Mary Louise Hoos

Cephas Donald Hughes

Kelly L. Jackson

Robert Monroe Jackson

Jane Iris Jones

Stanley Kogan

Carol Kessler Leicht

William Searby Leicht

Morris Lieberman

Clarence Logan

George A. Lottier

George Chester Lottier

Virginia Lottier Love

Victoria Lincoln Lowe

David Hicks MacPherson

Nelson Lee Max

William Thomas Mayo Jr.

Martha Raye McGhee

Penelope Thayer McKay

John Thomas Middaugh

Ann Miller

Robert Barber Moore

Norman Robert Morrison

Helen Josephine Neale

Robert Thomas Newbold

Luther James Perry

Toby Rice

Leonard Rubin Sachs

Philip Edward Schecter

Reginald Scott

Zerita Thrower Skates

David Sniklin

Roberta Mae Speel

Carolyn Stith

Daniel S. Stone

Samuel Armstrong Talbot

Tracey Ann Temple

Furman Templeton

Grover Johnson Tharp

Mary Frances Walker

Thomas Read Warriner

Rodney McNair Watts

Royal Samuel Weaver

Chester L. Wickwire

Edward Baron Widgeon

Frank Leviticus Williams

James Debois Williams

Willard Williams

Frederick Edward Wood Jr.

Jery Leon Woods

Benjamin David Zablocki

Elaine Finkelstein Zablocki

Pub Date: 8/23/98

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