150 years ago in The SunAugust 24: NEW DRESS AGAIN...


August 22, 1998|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun

August 24: NEW DRESS AGAIN -- Having received our new fonts of type from the manufacturer, we have commenced introducing it into use upon The Sun. It will be observed that it is a clear, plain and handsome-faced letter, and the paper will be newly dressed in it throughout in the course of a day or two. So many impressions of The Sun are taken each day, that the best quality of type, cast of the finest compound of metal, wears but a few weeks therein, and although it is expensive, we have no occasion, considering the cause, to regret the necessity for so frequent a renewal.

100 years ago in The Sun

August 25: The fourth annual outing of the Traveling Shoe Salesman's Association was held yesterday at Avondale Shore, Bear Creek. Walter Herring carried off the honors in the high jumping contests. In the broad jump W.C. Wehrman was the victor. A ball game was played in the afternoon by two nines known as the "Needle Toes" and the "Bull Dog Toes."

50 years ago in The Sun

August 22: Bodies of 88 Marylanders who lost their lives during World War II have arrived at New York from Europe aboard the United States Army Transport Lawrence Victory, the Department the Army announced yesterday.

Pub Date: 8/22/98

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