Meet the pro

August 20, 1998

Name: Craig Day

Club: Turf Valley CC

Age: 52

Born: Hagerstown

Years a professional: 34

Years at present club: 28

Career highlights: Being able to be a PGA professional and to be associated with such veteran club professionals as Bill Clarke, Bill Strausbaugh, Max Elbin and Tony Marlowe, who created one of the strongest sections in the country. Learned to love the game and course environment as a young caddy at Fountain Head CC and translated that into a career of customer service. With three courses used by members and outside play, it is likely Day is the most recognizable professional in the area.

Tip: When the position of the club is parallel to the ground, the shaft has to be aimed at the target. Check oints are hip-high on the backswing, top of the backswing and hip-high on the follow through.

Pub date: 8/20/98

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