Renominate incumbents in 11 Sun endorsements: Finifter, Frank, Morhaim for Democrats

Cavey, Nakazawa, Schuster for GOP.

August 19, 1998

LATELY, the news in 11th Legislative District, which sprawls across western and northwestern Baltimore County, has focused on the less than harmonious relationship among the Democratic incumbents: Sen. Paula C. Hollinger and Delegates Michael J. Finifter, Robert Frank and Dan K. Morhaim.

At this point, the conflicts are of interest mostly to political insiders.

For primary voters, the question is whether the incumbent zTC delegates, completing their first term, will be able to provide effective representation despite their differences or whether constituents would be better served by one or more of three challengers. (Ms. Hollinger faces no primary or general election opposition for a fourth term.)

We believe the incumbents are preferable to their Democratic challengers.

Former Del. Theodore Levin had 20 years to make a mark in the legislature; he didn't.

Robyn I. Stevens, a 27-year-old former aide to Ms. Hollinger, is weak on the issues.

Robert A. Zirkin, also 27, is running a passionate campaign but, just out of law school, has no life experiences to recommend him for the nomination.

Even the incumbents' critics agree that they have been effective. Community leaders praise their responsiveness. And while the entire Baltimore County delegation helped bring a wealth of state money for schools, parks and streetscapes to the 11th District, the incumbents can justly claim credit.

Dr. Morhaim is an emergency room physician who offers insight on health care issues and balance on environmental and economic matters.

Mr. Finifter, an accountant, seems a bit timid and has yet to use his background to ferret out waste as he promised, but wins praise for constituent service.

Mr. Frank's ego and occasional lack of political civility have made him unpopular with some colleagues, a problem he must work on, but he has been effective in service and sponsoring legislation.

Republican voters will choose three of four candidates in the primary.

We endorse Christian Cavey of Hampstead, owner of an insurance agency; Mineko Nakazawa, a Stevenson commodities broker and former medical laboratory director; and Virginia G. Schuster, a Realtor and Reisterstown business leader.

Tomorrow: Districts 34 and 35.

Pub Date: 8/19/98

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