Newspapers react to Clinton's address

August 19, 1998

Excerpts from newspaper editorials on President Clinton's address to the nation about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky:

He has shown he can look Americans in the eye and lie. For his sake, and for our nation's, let's hope when he looks Americans in the eye from now on, he'll tell the truth.

-- The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer

Under the best of conditions, he will be a damaged chief executive, one who demonstrated incredibly bad judgment by having a relationship with a White House intern and then lying about it to the nation.

-- Los Angeles Times

President Clinton has told the American people too little too late. Months of lying, of stonewalling, of trying to shift the blame and of spinning the truth have damaged his credibility beyond repair.

-- Charleston (W. Va.) Daily Mail

Like Richard Nixon before him, Bill Clinton has frittered away a national treasure: the respect a governed people have for a revered institution.

-- The Atlanta Constitution

It should never have some to this but it did. Now Clinton asks the country to move on. That may not be as easy as he would like.

-- The Des Moines (Iowa) Register

President Clinton's shake-and-bake apology to the American people last night fell far short of what the country deserved after a truly sordid day in U.S. history.

-- Austin (Texas) American-Statesman

Clinton now faces the lingering suspicion magnified on a national scale fixed on any man who has ever cheated on his wife, who has ever flat-out lied to the people who matter most to him.

-- The (Portland) Oregonian

An early confession, no matter how grim, would have been better than the pathetic backtracking extracted Monday. He has only embarrassed those closest to him, disappointed friends and brought critics to new depths of disgust.

-- Chicago Sun-Times

Beyond the breach of trust, the man's lack of judgment is frightening. Even if you are inclined to forgive, it will be impossible to forget. This presidency is effectively over.

-- Detroit Free Press

One affair, maybe two, might be excusable. But Bill Clinton is a serial philanderer. A world that has no respect for the leader of America has no fear of America either.

-- The Sun, Britain

[This is] a country where a dual morality, hypocrisy and nonsense have been allowed to dominate politics and the mass media for years, and this doesn't make it look so reliable as a world policeman.

-- Aftonbladet, Sweden

Dear Hillary, when the stock markets are shut, you ought to pack your bags.

-- Il Giornale, Italy

The basic Zionist game has become clear ... that Clinton's scandal was aimed at replacing him with Vice President Al Gore from the Democratic Party who is known for his pro-Zionist stand.

-- The Babel, Iraq

Pub Date: 8/19/98

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