"I think 'The Hundred Penny Box' by Sharon Bell Mathis is...

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August 19, 1998

"I think 'The Hundred Penny Box' by Sharon Bell Mathis is an interesting book because it is about a 100-year-old lady named Aunt Dew who loves her box with 100 pennies. Every year she puts a penny in her 100-year-old box. You have to use your imagination at the end to see if she dies or not."

Karen Lachelle

Elmwood Elementary

"My favorite mystery in the Sweet Valley Twins and Friends series by Francine Pascal is 'Ghost in the Graveyard!' It is about two twins who are detectives. Jessica and her sister Elizabeth capture a jewel thief."

Matt Hoffman

North Harford Elementary

"I read a book called 'Heidi,' by Johanna Spyri, about an orphan girl. She went to live with a grouchy old man in the mountains. The man's name was Uncle Alp. As soon as Uncle Alp saw how kind Heidi was, he started being kind to others. A family in the city wanted to have Heidi for their own, so Uncle Alp agreed to send Heidi to that family. There, Heidi met their little girl Clara. Clara and Heidi became fast friends, but Heidi missed her mountain home and Uncle Alp. The father of the family decided to send Heidi back to the mountains. In the summer, Clara's father brought her over the mountains to see Heidi. Clara and Heidi played and played until Clara had to go back home."

Laura Scruggs

Manor Woods Elementary

Pub Date: 8/19/98

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