3rd in need of new leadership Sun endorsement: Murphy over incumbent Redmond for Democrats, Conklin for Republicans.

August 18, 1998

POLITICS in Anne Arundel County's 3rd Councilmanic District has always been a hard-hitting, contact sport. This year is no exception.

Incumbent Thomas W. Redmond faces three challengers in the Democratic primary.

Meanwhile, three Republicans are fighting for the chance to face Mr. Redmond in the general election, assuming he gets that far.

Under normal circumstances, Mr. Redmond's campaign for a second-term could have been effortless. For the first two years of his term, he performed his duties in workmanlike fashion. He attended to constituent needs and worked diligently to control growth on the Mountain Road peninsula.

During the last two years, however, ethical and personal financial problems have overwhelmed him.

Had he straightened out his personal finances, which nearly led a judge to jail him for contempt, and paid more attention to conflicts arising out of his towing firm's contract for county business, Mr. Redmond might not now be facing an angry electorate and an uphill battle for re-election.

Rather than have a councilman distracted by his personal problems for another term, we favor for the Democratic nomination A. Shirley Murphy, a long-time community activist and the best of the five Democratic candidates in this race.

Ms. Murphy impressed us four years ago with her dedication and energy, qualities that would serve her well on the council.

Two decades ago, she was part of a grass-roots effort that lobbied to create an adequate public facilities law for Anne Arundel County. She would likely be more vigilant than the incumbent in seeing that this law is enforced, so that growth doesn't precede infrastructure.

On the Republican side, Carl "Dutch" Holland is running in the primary in hope of regaining the council seat he lost to Mr. Redmond four years ago.

We were not impressed with his initial term in the council and don't believe he deserves the GOP nomination.

Deborah Conklin, a Pasadena resident and owner of a small business, is the most attractive alternative of the three Republicans running.

She takes common-sense positions on school and growth issues and seems to have the capacity to learn and grow on the job.

Also seeking the nomination is John Edward Moran IV, a Pasadena resident and a deputy sheriff in Baltimore City.

He has had little involvement in politics or in community issues that would come before the council -- growth or education, for example -- and needs more seasoning to be regarded as a serious candidate for elective office.

Tomorrow: Council Districts 4, 5.

Pub Date: 8/18/98

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