Boozer, Kelley in 9th and 10th Sun endorsements: Renominate senators plus Kach, Klima in 9, Jones, Nathan-Pulliam, Burns in 10.

August 18, 1998

SINCE HIS election in 1981, Republican Sen. F. Vernon Boozer has been a voice of reason, a leader and a conscientious representative of the 9th Legislative District -- a largely rural area of central Baltimore County. Unfortunately, his moderation has made him the target of Republican ideologues who often influence primary elections.

They have an aggressive, intelligent candidate in Andrew P. Harris, a Johns Hopkins anesthesiologist running on a hard-right, social issues platform. Dr. Harris charges that the senator is too liberal, but Mr. Boozer has supported many conservative causes, such as stiff penalties for child pornography and registration of convicted child molesters upon release. Senate Minority Leader since 1996, Mr. Boozer's bipartisan cooperation has made him highly effective. He should be returned to office.

There is no contested Democratic Senate primary. For two House seats in 9A, incumbent Republicans Wade Kach and Martha S. Klima face no credible opponent. There is no contested Democratic primary in 9A and none in 9B, where Republican Del. James M. Kelly is the only candidate.

The Democratic Senate primary in the 10th District pits incumbent Delores G. Kelley against Robert F. Dashiell. Mr. Dashiell has been a maverick on Baltimore County's school board and boasts an impressive grasp of issues. Ms. Kelley, while not as sophisticated a thinker, is articulate and effective. She has helped pass laws related to health, crime and family issues. She cares about her district and, as a team player, has helped bring money for schools and other projects to it. We endorse her.

For three House seats, Democrats should choose incumbents Adrienne Jones, director of Baltimore County's Office of Fair Practices; Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, a nurse; and Emmett C. Burns Jr., a minister. The 10th has no GOP candidate.

Tomorrow: Legislative District 11.

Pub Date: 8/18/98

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