Online magic fizzles face to face

August 17, 1998|By Judith Forman | Judith Forman,SUN STAFF

"My mom would kill me if I let you get away."

I typed these words to my new online buddy soon after we met. I was in Jerusalem visiting a friend. He was in Boston staying with relatives. We came upon each other in America Online's "twentysomething" chat room.

Although I was running up a long-distance bill to Tel Aviv (AOL didn't have an access number in Jerusalem), we chatted for about two hours. I was only doing what I had been instructed to do for all of my 21 years: Find (and snag) a nice Jewish boy.

We exchanged e-mail addresses and kept in touch, on and off, for three months. Finally, the big moment approached.

He had moved back to my hometown of Boston, and I was visiting. We spoke on the phone and arranged to meet at a cafe for drinks. I was more nervous than excited.

The day of the face-to-face, I was running late. I flew into the cafe where he was sitting alone nursing a beer. I introduced myself and looked into the eyes of someone I already knew so much about.

He was nice enough, but there was no spark. We talked for 45 minutes but the conversation was flat, compared to our online flirting. He was so not my type. Walking to our cars, he asked if he could continue to e-mail me. I answered with a lackluster "Sure." I never heard from him again.

No, he wasn't a psycho or some supe-ugly guy. He didn't greet me with an ax or try to stalk me. Some would say I was lucky. He was just a typical guy looking to find a girl (who was not me).

The moral of the story: Don't expect too much. Your prince is surely out there even if he's not online.

Pub Date: 8/17/98

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