Orioles' ups and downs

August 16, 1998|By Joe Strauss

Brady Anderson -- UP -- Addicted to pull, the center fielder has begun to confront his offensive shortcomings by using the entire field. Surprise! He is again driving the ball.

Peter Angelos' -- UP -- "experts" First they wrangle a Triple-A pitching prospect for Joe Carter. Then a deadline deal for Juan Guzman, next year's No. 3 starter. Now they acquire a player with 90 RBIs on his resume for another who struggles to play 90 games. And to think: Pat Gillick and Kevin Malone may both be elsewhere next season. They continue to improve the product for '99 while not surrendering '98.

Jeffrey Hammonds -- DOWN -- Joggin' Jeffrey teased the Orioles for too long. Better luck in the National League.

Willie & Pick -- UP -- Corner infielders Willis Otanez and Calvin Pickering have generated excitement within a player development system still waiting to produce its first everyday position player since 1982.

Eric Davis -- UP -- He's more than halfway to Joe DiMaggio. Could make for an interesting September promotion.

Beanie Babies -- DOWN -- They've created a frenzy -- not to mention a black-market currency -- at ballparks across the nation. The Orioles thought the idea too crass, especially when they're already guaranteed 3.6 million attendance. Arthur the Vulture? It could've been huge.

Pub Date: 8/16/98

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