Beware of 'Ego Alley'STROLLING CITY Dock in Annapolis many...

Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel County

August 16, 1998|By Barbara Sparks The bargain hunters

Beware of 'Ego Alley'

STROLLING CITY Dock in Annapolis many times, as boaters maneuvering into "Ego Alley" were closely scrutinized by locals and tourists at the water's edge, I wondered how it felt to be in that possibly enviable position. We finally bought our first boat, a sleek 19-foot outboard.

Several weeks later, there we were skimming the waves of the Severn River heading for dockside -- and Ego Alley. I adjusted my hat, removed my sunglasses, put on my best smile and waited.

Just then, a yellow jacket sailed by and landed on my lip. I was stung!

My husband tore off the soggy end of his cigar to apply to the sting (his family's home remedy.)

Seconds later, as we motored into Ego Alley, onlookers observed a startled woman, with a pained look on her face and tobacco juice running down her chin. WANT TO know where the well-to-do shop in Annapolis? Forget Nordstrom, Macy's or Saks. Take a gander at the parking lot of the Goodwill Superstore on West Street, nestled amid houses, trees and car dealerships.

On any day, you will spot Lincoln Town Cars, Acuras, Beamers, Benzes and the occasional Jag. Their owners, of course, are inside roaming through the aisles.

There are racks of used clothing in every shape and size for an evening out on the town or recreation. There are old shoes for men, women and children. Need dishes, fairly new or chipped? How about mix-and-match wine glasses? From antique bureaus to paperback books, Debbie Gibson compact discs to toaster ovens, It's all there for a relative steal.

One thing's for sure: A good deal's a good deal anywhere you find it.

Dan Thanh Dang

Generation gap?

THE YOUNG woman in front of the Motor Vehicle Administration building in Annapolis was accosting people as they went in to renew their license plates.

"Impeach Ken Starr," she yelled.

"Can I give you some information, ma'am?"

"Sir, don't you think Ken Starr is out of line?"

The woman had a card table set up, covered with left-wing pamphlets and anti-independent counsel propaganda.

One poster she displayed read, "Give Starr the Lorena Bobbitt treatment -- that way he can't leak."

As an elderly woman walked past that poster -- it was unclear whether she was a Republican or simply someone with an aversion to mutilation -- she stopped, shook her finger at the twentysomething woman and said, "You girls these days. You make me sick."

Kirsten Scharnberg Pub Date: 8/16/98

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