Events leading to Clinton's grandjury appearance

August 16, 1998|By Mark Ribbing | Mark Ribbing,SUN STAFF


Whitewater Development Corp. formed by Bill and Hillary Clinton and James and Susan McDougal.


James McDougal takes over an Arkansas savings and loan association.


Savings and loan association seized by government, James McDougal indicted (later acquitted) on fraud charges.


May 8 - Paula Corbin Jones reportedly at Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock where, she alleges, then-Governor Clinton exposed himself her.


Jan. - Gennifer Flowers claims she had an affair with Clinton, which Clinton denies.

March - The New York Times reports Clinton's alleged ties to Whitewater.

Nov. 3 - Clinton elected president.


July 20 - Clinton aide Vincent W. Foster Jr., who handled Whitewater issues, commits suicide.


Jan. 12 - Clinton calls for special prosecutor to investigate Whitewater allegations.

Jan. 20 - Attorney General Janet Reno appoints Robert B. Fiske Jr. as special prosecutor.

May 6 - Jones files sexual harassment suit against Clinton.


May 17 - Senate sets up Whitewater investigating committee.

June - Monica Lewinsky begins White House internship.

Aug. 5 - Kenneth W. Starr appointed to replace Fiske.

Nov. 15 - Lewinsky allegedly begins affair with Clinton, according to Linda R. Tripp affidavit.


Jan. 26 - Hillary W. Clinton testifies before Whitewater grand jury.

April 17 - Lewinsky leaves White House for Pentagon job.

April 28 - President gives videotaped deposition for Whitewater grand jury in Little Rock.

May 28 - James McDougal convicted on 18 of 19 Whitewater charges.

June 18 - Senate Whitewater committee issues full report.


May 27 - Supreme Court unanimously rules sitting president is not immune from lawsuit, allows Jones case to go forward.

July 3 - Clinton files formal answer in Jones case, denying claims.

July 4 - Internet gossip Matt Drudge's online site, the "Drudge Report," says Newsweek is checking story that Clinton allegedly made a pass at aide Kathleen Willey in 1993.

Aug. 11 - Newsweek reports that Tripp was told by Willey that Clinton made a pass at her.

Aug. 22 - U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright throws out part of Jones suit.

Dec. 17 - Lewinsky receives subpoena in Jones suit.

Dec. 26 - Lewinsky ends work at Pentagon.

Dec. 30 - Lewinsky interviews for jobs in New York, is not hired.


Jan. 7 - Lewinsky denies affair with Clinton in affidavit submitted in Jones case.

Jan. 12 - Tripp meets with Whitewater prosecutor, brings 20 hours of tapes reportedly revealing information about affair between Clinton and Lewinsky.

Jan. 13 - FBI wires Tripp when she meets with Lewinsky.

Jan. 14 - Lewinsky hands Tripp the "talking points," reportedly directing her how to handle situation.

Jan. 16 - Starr expands Whitewater inquiry to include Lewinsky scandal.

Jan. 17 - Clinton says in deposition "I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I've never had an affair with her."

Jan. 19 - Lewinsky matter revealed on "Drudge Report."

Jan. 21 - During PBS interview, Clinton denies allegations he told Lewinsky to lie.

Jan. 22 - Clinton adviser Vernon Jordan denies coaching Lewinsky to commit perjury.

Jan. 26 - Lewinsky's attorney, William Ginsburg, offers Starr immunity deal in which Lewinsky would say she had sex with Clinton; Starr rejects offer.

Jan. 26 - Clinton says at news conference, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Jan. 29 - Starr and Ginsburg end immunity talks.

Feb. 17 - Clinton lawyer Robert S. Bennett asks judge to dismiss Jones lawsuit.

March 8 - James McDougal dies in federal prison.

March 15 - Willey says on "60 Minutes" that Clinton made advance in 1993.

March 21 - Clinton invokes executive privilege to limit testimony of top aides.

April 1 - Judge Wright dismisses Jones' lawsuit

May 4 - U.S. District Judge Norma Halloway Johnson denies executive privilege claim in Lewinsky investigation.

May 22 - Johnson rules members of Secret Service can be forced to testify.

June 2 - Lewinsky replaces attorney Ginsburg with Jacob A. Stein and Plato Cacheris.

July 7 - Federal appeals court rules Secret Service agents must testify.

July 17 - Moments after Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist refuses to block order for Secret Service to testify, agents report to courthouse. Prosecutors subpoena Clinton's testimony.

July 27 - Federal appeals court rules White House attorney Bruce R. Lindsey's testimony not protected by attorney-client privilege.

July 28 - Starr grants Lewinsky immunity.

July 29 - Clinton agrees to testify before grand jury.

July 31 - Clinton says he is looking forward to testifying "completely and truthfully."

Aug. 6 - Lewinsky offers six hours of testimony.

Aug. 17 - Clinton scheduled to offer his testimony to grand jury.

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