Full GOP slate in District 5 Sun endorsements: Blair, Brown and Getty merit Republican nomination for three House seats.

August 13, 1998

An editorial in The Sun in Carroll Thursday misidentified Sen. Larry E. Haines as a one-term incumbent. He has served two terms. The Sun regrets the error.

THE SENATE race in this district in Carroll County has already been decided, with one-term Republican incumbent Larry E. Haines the only candidate on the ballot. Five delegate hopefuls, though, are vying in the Republican primary for the three nominations; incumbent Del. Ellen Willis Miller is the sole Democratic nominee.

While the strongly Republican county delegation often lacks leverage with the Democratic majority in Annapolis, individuals with ideas and commitment to resolution can make a difference.


In his first term, Joseph M. Getty has shown an eagerness to address issues of election reform, legislative ethics and criminal law procedure.

W. Benjamin Brown has been the most impressive of the three current county commissioners, coming up with ideas to solve problems rather than using the office for political bombast. A two-term mayor of Westminster and a retired small businessman, Mr. Brown has demonstrated a capacity for leadership as well as for political compromise.

W. David Blair of Manchester has long been active in Republican politics, as president of the Carroll County Republican Club and head of the Dole-Kemp presidential campaign in Carroll four years ago. The telephone company engineer finished a close fourth in the 1994 election, his first try for office.

Incumbent Nancy R. Stocksdale of Westminster has disappointed in her first term, with little to show except me-too agreement with the rest of the Republican delegation. Carmen Amedori was chairman of the county charter-writing board, resigning in February in a dispute with other members whom she accused of "self-serving decisions" to achieve their "political agendas." Her candidacy for elective office seems to fit that description. The Sun endorses Mr. Blair, Mr. Brown and Mr. Getty in the primary.

Pub Date: 8/13/98

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