Two-party system at work Sun endorsements: Democratic incumbents have a lock on 46th, but GOP is preparing challenge in 47th.

August 13, 1998

IN JUST one term, Perry Sfikas has established himself so firmly in East Baltimore's 46th District that he faces no opposition for the state Senate. And though three Democratic challengers have filed against Delegates Carolyn Krysiak, Peter A. Hammen and Cornell N. Dypski, the incumbents seemingly have little to fear. They have done a credible job and merit renomination.

The 47th Legislative District is a different story. It is divided into subdistricts A (South Baltimore and Curtis Bay) and B (Catonsville and Woodlawn). Incumbent Sen. George W. Della, a four-term veteran, is without Democratic primary opposition. But fewer than three Republicans are fighting for a chance to run against him in the Nov. 3 general election.

GOP revival is a welcome development. The last time the party elected a legislator from Baltimore City was 1954. Redistricting four years ago produced a number of city-county districts, including the 8th, which has two Republican delegates. GOP activists think they can also win in the 47th.

That may be easier said than done. Redistricting re-energized Mr. Della. He has become more responsive to constituents. As for his opponents, the race is between William Prohaska, manager of a pizza chain, and Edward Fowler, a researcher for the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Mr. Fowler of Catonsville makes no bones about his libertarian ideas, such as issuing permits for concealed guns and declaring "a moratorium on the war on drugs."

The priorities of Mr. Prohaska, president of South Baltimore Improvement Committee, include zero-tolerance for crime and greater focus on education and jobs.

He has our endorsement.

The two District 47A delegates, Brian K. McHale and Timothy D. Murphy, are running scared because they have three challengers. The incumbents have done solid jobs and have our support. In District 47B, Del. Thomas E. Dewberry, also merits renomination.

,`Tomorrow: Legislative District 6.

Pub Date: 8/13/98

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