Giannetti deserves 13B nod Sun endorsements: Democrat has worked hard for another chance to oppose GOP incumbent Morgan.

August 12, 1998

WHEN HE RAN in 1994 to represent District 13B in the Maryland House of Delegates, John A. Giannetti Jr. was a 30-year-old law student at the University of Maryland who wasn't fully prepared. He lost but learned valuable lessons about campaigning. He may be a more formidable adversary if given another chance to oppose incumbent Republican Del. John S. Morgan.

But first, Mr. Giannetti has to win the Democratic primary. His opponent is George J. Kapanoske, a union representative with the Office and Professional Employees Local 2 who lives in Laurel.

Mr. Kapanoske is a member of the Prince George's County Democratic Party executive committee. Both he and Mr. Giannetti say they don't believe the incumbent, Mr. Morgan, represents the views of the district, which includes Laurel in Prince George's County and North Laurel in Howard.

Mr. Giannetti, though, seems to have a clearer vision of what he might accomplish as a legislator.

Mr. Giannetti went to public schools in Prince George's and Carroll counties. After law school he spent two years as a bill analyst for the House Judiciary Committee. The Laurel resident now practices family law.

Mr. Giannetti wants to address the ethics problems that overshadowed the legislature in its last session. Legislators need a code of professional conduct, he said, similar to that provided to lawyers by bar associations, to clarify acceptable behavior.

He also suggests installing a hot line that could provide immediate answers to questions that legislators might have about potential conflicts of interest.

Domestic violence law is another area where Mr. Giannetti might make an impact in the legislature. He notes that current law requires a victim of spousal abuse to wait a year before she can file for a contested divorce.

If abuse has been documented, a woman should not have to wait that long to exit a dangerous marriage, he says.

Mr. Giannetti has an exuberance about public service that the legislature could use. We endorse his candidacy.

Tomorrow: House District 14B.

! Pub Date: 8/12/98

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